Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Just stuff.

There is nothing like the renewed energy of springtime.
Followed by the "screw you" of a late snow storm.
Gotta love those spring "teasers."
At least we know it's not far off this time.
These past couple of weeks have been an absolute whirlwind of activity.
This past weekend was the highlight for me.
On Friday night, I got to play for the Natalie Weiss concert.
If you aren't familiar with really need to change that.
Here is a video of her singing with Pentatonix

She is fabulous.  And tall. ;)

The following day was the kids' last show choir competition of the season.
To say they had a great day would be an understatement.
Lexie kicked it in the solo competition, and was one of the three winners.

And then, their show choir went on to win the whole competition.
I would call that a successful day!
And now....the count down to Holy Week begins.
I have come to the conclusion that unless you are a music director, priest/pastor or deacon or other employee of the really don't quite grasp the stress and pressure behind the words "Holy Week is almost here."
I went to a rehearsal the other night for the "parent show choir" at my kids school.
This is a once a year event, where the parents perform a "special" version of the competition show from the year...with new lyrics, and um, altered choreography.
In other words, it's a hot mess.
This was the one rehearsal I've been able to attend, because the others have taken place during my church choir rehearsals.
I will miss most of the dress rehearsal too, because it's our last rehearsal before Easter.
I mentioned this...but I'm not sure everyone thought it was a very good excuse.
It's kind of the most important week of the entire year, when it comes to my job.
I think I will focus on that. :)
I have been spending a lot of time observing my reactions to things lately.
I often think we go through life on autopilot, and don't always pay attention to the way we handle things.
I have been consciously trying to be more aware of how I interact with people, and how I react.
I have become aware of the fact that I turn into a very protective and potentially aggressive person when my kids are hurting, due to the actions of another.  
I have also solidified the fact that I do not function well in chaos.  If I am going to be a part of something, I prefer it is a well-run, well-organized machine.  I think, perhaps, this is what eventually drove me away from teaching.
I couldn't stand the constant noise and chaos.  I wanted quiet and order.
Good luck getting that in a music classroom!!
That being said, I DO function pretty darn well within a chaotic schedule.
Go figure.
My life can be chaotic....but the stuff I am doing can not.
Good thing I'm not high maintenance or anything. 
I have also noticed that there are little things that really bother me....and I have a very hard time letting go of them.
Just stupid little things....but they linger, and I need to eliminate them from my view, or my "plate" or my life, because they dig a little hole into my stomach (you know, that place where the "icks" go?) and just burrow there until I want to scream.
It is in these situations that I wish I had prozac butter.
Just picture it....a lovely, smooth "calm me down" cream that I could simply spread over top of those icky, annoying feelings, and it would melt them away.
It would be lovely if it was mint those butter mint candies they sometimes have at the pretty pastel colors.
Yep.  That's what I want.
Okay.  I will write that on my goal list:
1. Build an animal sanctuary.
2. Create a butter mint flavored prozac cream.

That should take just a day or two. 
Until then, I guess I will just continue to pour wine over my ice cream.
It is sort of the same thing.
Sort of.
And ice cream DOES come in a lovely mint flavor.
I especially love Culver's mint flavored custard.
Have I ever told you that when they first built a Culver's in Viroqua, my mom used to go there quite regularly to have their custard?
Yes.  She was confused, and thought it was the same as frozen yogurt, so she figured it was good for her.
I like to pretend that is true as well.
And that the onion rings are a vegetable.
It's funny how everything really is good for you...if you just figure out a way to justify it.
And now, since I have resorted to rambling, I will close.
I am going to dedicate the rest of my day to trying to figure out how to respond in a positive manner to all things that could potentially drive me nuts.
(I will carry my wine/ice cream salve with me, just in case.)
I will report back with the results, hopefully in a somewhat timely manner.
Happy Humpday!