Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Fresh Start

It has been FAR too long since I have written anything here.
My own blog didn't even know who I was...and I had forgotten my password, and fumbled around for 15 minutes just to log in and be able to start writing.
That is never a good sign.
Today...all of that craziness stops.
My little "Lenten journey of not writing" really showed me how easy it was to not write everyday.  
It was a lot like not exercising every day.
I find that ridiculously easy as well.
It takes absolutely no discipline at all....and that is one thing I am so very good at.
If there were a job that required a complete lack of discipline, and involved doing pretty much absolutely nothing...I would be the perfect person for it.
I am amazing at it!
I somehow am also capable of juggling about 25 different balls at the same time.
How this happens, I have no idea.
What I do know is that I have figured out how to accomplish a lot in as little time possible.
Maybe I should write a book on efficiency, because there is nothing that make my blood pressure rise more than inefficiency and having my time wasted.
I am sure you all know that feeling.
Anyway, I have decided it's time to regain some discipline in my life.
While I very much enjoy allowing myself to be a complete sloth, it does eventually get old.
So, I am starting with getting back on track with writing, and doing the same with eating.
I am sure this is one of the major factors in my "sloth like" behavior.
It's easy to turn into a complete couch potato when you are tired and feel completely uninspired, unmotivated and exhausted all the time.
So...it's time to do something about that too.
The first thing I am doing is eliminating bread.
(Excuse me a moment while I shed some tears.)
My ultimate goal is to ditch grains all together.
And all things "white."
Baby steps.
Breakfast looks yummy, right?!

I've also decided that once all of my favorite shows have ended for the season (which will happen in what...two weeks?) 
we are ditching cable.
TV has started to take over my life.
Ever since I declared myself a "homebody" I have started to enjoy sitting around and watching TV way too much.
My whole life is being spent in front of one screen or another.
This is getting ridiculous.
And I wonder why I have achey joints, and I've gained weight, and my eyes are getting bad.
Gee....could that be it?
I'm starting to get excited for this summer.  I have lots of ideas brewing, and a couple of projects in the works.
Now that we have finally made it through the never-ending winter (we are done with the snow, right?) it's time for new beginnings and fresh outlooks.
This past winter really did a number on me...but I am so ready to hit the ground running and turn things around now.
Care to join me?

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