Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A fork in the road...or my side

Tuesday, Sept. 9  2014
Today was supposed to be "Take on the world Tuesday!!"  The best laid plans....
I have been enjoying the past several days of "mother-free" time, since my darling sister has been caring for her at her place.  This means I get to sleep in...or sleep through the night...or just sleep.  On a typical night, my mom tends to get up at some ungodly hour to begin her clothing prep.  (this is her "thing") She makes her bed, and begins to empty her drawers and closets of every item of clothing, folding each piece over and over, and making piles.  Then she starts hauling them upstairs.  (For those who don't know, my mother has Alzheimer's)  Then, she begins her nightly roam.  She enjoys taking a stroll through our bedroom, standing eerily over our bed and watching us sleep for a bit, then through the bathrooms, and main living area.  It's interesting how your instinct tells you "there is a person standing over you, and it might be a good idea to wake up and make sure you aren't about to get stabbed in your sleep right now."  It also makes for a rather crappy sleeping experience.  After I put her back to bed (usually around 4am) she is back up and raring to go by 5:30.  My hubby leaves for work by 6:30, so that means it's my turn to mommy-sit.  All. Day. Long. 
So, today, I looked forward to waking up when I felt like it, and taking on the world!  Until the dog started whining at 6:30.  My chihuahua jumps off the bed like a maniac every time he hears a leaf rustle.  The shi tzu, however, is fat and fuzzy.  When he jumps off the bed, he typically goes into a full body slide straight toward the wall.  It's fun to watch.  Apparently it's not fun to experience.  After catering to the furry dictators, I went back to bed, only to be awoken at 7:30 by a text from my daughter informing me that her 4 month old cello got banged up by someones case in orchestra, and now has a crack in it.  I should mention that this cello cost more than my first three CARS.  The TOTAL of my first THREE CARS.  (Granted, I drove three total pieces of crap...but for God's sake...this instrument is FOUR MONTHS OLD!)  I suppose it could be worse.  Her last cello (one that we were renting, thank God) met a much more painful demise.  While carrying it in her "back-pack" style cello case, she wiped out coming up the stairs to our house. (she considered becoming a world-class ballerina, but has since chosen pursuing other interests) She managed to smash the top of the cello into the front door, and snap the neck of the poor instrument completely off the body.  I was tempted to do the exact same thing to her.  
After falling back into a restless, stress-filled dream state, I finally woke up again at 10, and now my morning is shot.  I figured I would attempt to at least clean up the disaster of a kitchen that my darling family has left for me.  Seriously, how does one get SO much peanut butter on the counter?  We HAVE plates!  We HAVE paper towels!! Ugh.  Of course, no one has bothered to empty the dishwasher, because obviously, I do it SO much better than anyone else.  I open the door to find water still standing in the bottom.  Surely a result of the "Oops!  I accidentally put a little too much soap in!" comment I heard come from my daughters lips after a forced session of "YOU WILL CLEAN UP THE KITCHEN BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE TODAY."  I suppose this is what I get for not doing it myself.  So here I am, 11:00, still in my pajamas, and thinking that perhaps today will be "take a time-out Tuesday"...or maybe "Tequila Tuesday" or maybe I will just shop for shoes. 

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