Monday, November 10, 2014

Squashing It

I think I am starting to get this hang of this thing!
(Yea, I know it has only been two days....but's a start!)
I was watching a show....or maybe I saw an old picture taken during the 5 minutes I was skinny a couple of years ago?  I don't know....I mean, whatever it was, it happened YESTERDAY, so I certainly am not going to be able to remember it NOW!
At any rate, there was something that made me stop and think.  It made me really feel the "okay chicka....quit putting this off.  It is time to start doing something about the ever-expanding-spare-tire-around-my-waist, as well as just feeling better over all.
OH!!! I remember now!
I was trying to figure out what to wear to the concert I had to play at on Saturday.
I grabbed the one pair of black dress pants I have....and they were too tight.
Is there a worse feeling than that?
These pants were loose on me a year ago. 
Let me tell you a little about a year ago. (Or was it two years ago now?) 
I was down 2-3 pant sizes, so I did what any rational woman would do.  I got rid of all my fat clothes.
I surely would NEVER need them again.  I was never going to be that size again......ever.
Never say never.
I refuse to go out and buy new fat unless I lose some weight and fit back into my skinny-wear.....I will have to continue wearing whatever I can find with elastic waists (aka: pajama pants, sweat pants, leggings) And we all know how I feel about leggings!  As long as they are accompanied by a mumu....they are fine.

Notice how I have listed leggings as my go-to fat-wear?
Is that right there not enough of a reason to NOT WEAR THEM AS PANTS?! 

(if these pic don't stop you...nothing will) ;)

(and by that I mean, wearing them with out the proper butt and thigh coverage.)
Ugh.  I'm not even going to get started on this topic again.

Back to my day.
Since I had spent the better part of my Saturday in lethargic land...I decided that I wasn't going to make matters worse by eating like crap too.
So, we decided to give the spaghetti squash I had brought home a try.
We watched what was probably the most annoying "how-to" video on you-tube that one could ever imagine.  It was very thorough and helpful, but this woman was WAY too enthusiastic about her squash.  She talked 100 miles a minute (even faster than I talk...and I am well aware of how annoying I must be to listen too, because I even annoy myself with my racing ramblings), and she had one of those voices that you could tolerate for about 30 seconds.  Unfortunately, the video lasted 5 minutes.
After the video, we both had a drink....and then gave it a try.
It wasn't quite as wonderful as pasta, but it was palatable.....and the best part....I didn't wake up with a headache this morning.
Typically, after having pasta for dinner, I wake up with a nasty headache.
Not today.  I woke up with no pain at all. ;)
Score one for the squash.
Another amazing feat for the day....I stayed out of my bed...ALL DAY.
I even planned to go nap free.  On a Sunday!
I was on the couch with my snuggly chihuahua watching re-runs of Criminal Minds around 3:30, however, and the next thing I knew it was 6pm.  Whoops.  So much for "nap-free."
Since my squash experiment went so well last night, I decided to embark on yet another tonight.
Mark grilled a lovely pork loin..... (we won't even talk about the poor piggy that died for our meal tonight.) 

......while I attempted to make a fabulous squash, parsnip and pear soup.
I didn't realize it would talk me an hour just to chop up all of the vegetables and stuff to put in it....not to mention the time needed to sauté the vegetables, caramelize the pears, and cook everything...then puree it.
About an hour after dinner, the soup was ready! 
We will have it tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure the kids will hate I will have it tomorrow!
I did have a little sampling tonight, along with my frozen cherries.  (My dessert substitute.)

Here is the deal.  If I am already noticing a difference in how I feel after only two days of eliminating junk from my diet (I am really watching my sugar intake, wheat products, limiting dairy, and staying away from processed crap.) what will I feel like after a week?  Or a month?
So, for now, I'm going to focus on that...rather than fitting back into my skinny jeans.  I'm hoping that will be an added bonus.  This is the first day I haven't popped a pill for a headache since.....well, since I can remember.  
Maybe all I needed was some squash. 

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