Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Was anyone else completely thrown when you woke up to a winter wonderland on Tuesday?

I must have known it was coming, as I spent the night dreaming of all things weather related.  
Ever since my husband has started biking to work, there are two topics of conversation at our house.  Band (since he is a band director) and bikes.
I have very little interest in either, but I am very good at the "nod and smile," so it works out pretty well.
He has been chomping at the bit to put his "snow tires" on that damn bike since he got it in August.  Last weekend, I walked out into the garage, and he had rigged up the snowblower to use as his "bike lift" as he switched out the tires.
It wasn't horribly effective, but, I got a good laugh out of it.
(And don't worry, he has big plans to build a "bike lift" out of pvc pipe in the near future.)
I should mention that I am married to one of those guys who comes up with these crazy ideas of things he just has to have...and then he makes them. 
(My dad was much like this.  Why buy it if you can figure out how to make it?)

If you recall....we have that beautiful lake home? (Aka: ice shack)
That all began as a shoe box prototype on the kitchen table.
He literally sat at the table with his box, scissors and tape, and for the next 3 hours or so, created his plan for "the most glorious ice shack known to man."
(It looked a lot like a 5th grade social studies project.)
However, he built it.  His very own "fold up ice shack", complete with warming lantern.  The first time around, he built it to the exact measurements of our when he tried to slide it in the trailer, it didn't fit. (because it was the same size.) This is what I love about the guy.  He is very innovative, and creative, but can be a total ding bat.
So....he had to reduce the size so it would fit IN the trailer....and then, ta-da! Success!
Of course, but the time it was finished, it was spring, and too late to go ice fishing.  
He did stain all of the wood on the shack this fall to make it look pretty. 
Now that Walker is back in office, it's probably a good idea that he did, because more than likely, that will be our home one day soon. 
And we all know that I am all about a beautiful home! 
Anyway....this winter weather has me all confused.
I literally woke up and looked out the window, and just stood there.
I didn't know what to do.
Should I bake Christmas cookies?

Wrap presents?  Wait....I haven't bought any yet.  I don't do that until Dec. 23rd or so.
Maybe the dogs and I could belt out some carols? I really want some cookies.

I could go back to bed....but I already made the "no going back to bed until 7pm" rule.  Dammit.
I should probably shovel the sidewalk....I do have piano students coming later...but why would I want to go outside already?
Seriously....those cookies....

I would also like to figure out how to work out a plan where, once it snows, I never have to leave my house.
Don't get me wrong.  I love winter.  I think it's beautiful and magical.  I absolutely love watching it while I sit in front of my fireplace with a book and a mug of coffee.  I just have zero desire to go out slopping through the mess of it.
I guess I could make a couple exceptions.  Like hunting for the Christmas tree.  That is pretty fun.  Or perhaps a romantic walk on a snowy evening. (Like that ever happens.)  I only like driving in snow when it's crazy snow, I am just in my no dangerous driving, and I feel like I am so surrounded by fluffy whiteness, and am going so slow, that it's like a cotton ball version of bumper cars.  (Only you aren't bumping are just sliding around in the fluff.) 
I hate anything past the "fresh fluffy" snow stage, because that means my house is filled with nasty, sloppy, wet boots and mittens and coats.  My kids just throw their crap everywhere, and it is a gross mess.
Nope.  NOT having it.
When winter hits, I would happily put this household on lock down.  (I would be fine with the kids being on lock down in school) ;)
And I could just sit around and eat cookies.

I am pretty sure I could get through the winter without a reenactment of "The Shining" also.  No "red-rum" going on here.  Nope.  As long as my groceries were delivered, and HBO was readily available....I would be fine.
But, as is the case with most wishes just go unanswered.
Look at my plea with the whole leggings debacle.  I beg and plead and nothing changes.  The travesty just continues day after day.
If I start living on cookies, God knows I will become the headache queen overnight, and my spare tire will continue to all of the fun will be sucked out of that adventure as well.
Woe is me.

So, I will stick to my boring fruits and vegetables....and I will stay far away from Pinterest and every other form of media that floods my brain with images of delicious looking baked goods that immediately turn me into Eve in the Garden of Eden.  How ridiculous that she was so tempted by an apple of all things!
Silly woman.  Just think of all of the trouble she could have saved us from if she had only known about cheesecake.

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