Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Trails!

So, today, I thought we could enjoy the Bargainista's Guide to 
Economy Class Bliss!'s back to my favorite book:
Anna Johnson

She is from Australia, and jets back and forth between there and New York, so she is no stranger to travel.
In her book, she collaborates with Jessica Adams, managing editor of the intrepid women's travel website
Anna says of Jessica: "she is a business-class girl with an economy budget, so she spends a lot of her spare time nutting out clever ways to spend like a backpacker but arrive like a superstar.  We all have our tricks and tips.  She never travels without enormous F-off black sunglasses, and I never leave home without gourmet tea bags-because there is nothing that makes cramped economy seats better than drinking Marriage Freres tea from Paris."
Onto more tips:

Use Muji earplugs (http://www.muji/eu)
A botanical essence face spray such as rosewater, geranium, or lavender in a clear pump pack is the cheapest, loveliest way to keep skin and senses alive during flight.  I spray liberally in the loo so as not to smother my co-passengers in a hippie mist.
Grumpy men don't like roses.
Be prepared for a sinus migraine or a bad dose of gas.  Pack a nasal spray, de-bloating tablets, an aspirin, and a small bottle of eucalyptus oil to dot on your pulse points.
Carry rich eye cream and hand cream, as the air up there is so drying.
Wear tinted lip balm instead of lipstick and waterproof mascara, as you will likely be splashing your face with cool water often.
Indulge in a blowout before you fly, even at the airport.  Limp, nothing ponytails look so much worse on arrival; and there is something implicitly dignified about landing somewhere new with big fat glossy hair, and big fat dark glasses.

(Have I mentioned I love this woman?!) 

Pack a single fresh orange or tangerine and open it an hour before landing; the zesty spray that greets your nose breaks through that stale cabin air, and the fresh citrus is so hydrating and enlivening.
Always carry a small bag of raw nuts and dried fruit.  No matter how bad the (airplane) food is you won't perish....or cave in to bad choices.
Dress as well as you can in a soft casual style.  Jeans and an oversized cashmere sweater and scarf.  A cool knit dress and leggings.  An a-line shift and slim sandals in the summer.  And pack a light jacket (I like safari best) that makes you looks smart on landing.  I got slipped a pass to the admiral's lounge from an older businessman who liked my wrap dress, and I wordlessly thanked him when standing under that hot shower between flights.  Alone. Of course.

Bon Voyage!

excerpts from "Savvy Chic" by Anna Johnson


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  2. Thanks Ruth! I hope the purging is going well! I am on a purging mission myself this week (in between the 5,000 other things I have to do!)