Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dogs and frogs

So, it's 10pm...and as far as I know, I am the only one still awake.  However, I keep hearing strange sounds. Perhaps Mark decided to go downstairs and entertain himself on his trombone for a bit, rather than going to bed? 🤔 Or maybe Sam is in his room playing his piano?  Or perhaps Rosie has taken up a new instrument without telling me about it.  There is a snoring chihuahua laying next to maybe he is just making weird noises in his sleep that sound like random instruments.  It wouldn't be the first time today that I misinterpreted what I was hearing.  My refrigerator has been particularly noisy when making ice lately, and when the ice drops into the bin, it is very loud, and scares the crap out of me.  (Usually because I am here alone, and the house is silent, prior to the crash)
Tonight I heard a loud noise, and asked Mark if he heard it too...and then said "damn that fridge!"
He started to laugh and said "actually, that was my butt."  Lovely. 🙄

I got my eyes checked today.  My glasses broke a couple weeks ago, so I have been wearing my "spare pair" that are hard to see out of.  I knew it was coming...but was not thrilled when he told me I could opt for bifocals if I wanted them.  I informed him that my eyesight is PERFECT without my glasses when reading close NO THANK YOU!!!  (Lol..side note.....the ice just fell and scared the crap out of me again) 🙄  He kept trying to convince me that I would want them eventually, because I would get sick of having to take my glasses off to read.  I have been wearing the damn things since third grade.  I am THRILLED to take the stupid things off and feel like a normal sighted person for a few minutes while I read or text or whatever.  Silly man.

I drove home from my appointment completely dilated and blind.  Isn't it weird how some eye drops sort of make you feel like your brain is coming out your eyeballs?  The weird pressure that drives me crazy.  It also gave me a big fat headache.  Perfect for an evening of piano and voice lessons.  Rosie has been in rare form this week, when it comes to lessons.  She is always silly, but she has been ridiculous.  Ever since she was a little puppy, she has loved to lay on her back, and put her back legs up on a chair or whatever is near her, so she can relax.  I guess she sees me with my feet on an ottoman all the time, and she figures she can do that too.  During lessons, she props them up on the piano leg, or the pedals, or my student's feet.  She also loves to lay under the bench, stretch out, and take up as much space possible, so there is nowhere to put your feet if you are playing.  She could care less if she is in the way.  She was attempting to help me teach the art of using the damper pedal tonight during one lesson.  I would look down to watch how my student was doing,  and there were two furry paws between the pedals.  Clearly, she was helping my student master her technique.

She also loves to bring her stuffed animals over and squeak along to the music.
Tonight, one of my voice students was working on the music for her school play about a frog.  We started singing, and the next thing we knew, Rosie had found her stuffed frog, and was squeaking away on it, tossing it around and chasing it, and holding it in her mouth while watching us.  She played with the darn thing for most of the lesson.  I have to admit....the frog thing baffled me. She is currently obsessed with her new stuffed pig.  She drags that thing everywhere.  So, the fact that we said the word "frog" a few times, and then started singing about it made me wonder....does this dog understand what we are saying?? Does she know which toy is a frog?? 🤔 I guess I do always identify the animal when she is playing with it.  You know..."is that your froggie, Rosie?"  She has never responded "yes mother. I'm not an idiot." However, I am starting to wonder if she is thinking it.  😳

As for my daily shit storm, I am trying to find ways to cope with/manage/work through the things that are stressing me out the most.  I was talking to Mark about it a little tonight.  He is equally stressed out.  I think we are both overwhelmed with the reality of what is ahead of us, as far as getting this house ready to sell.  Even more stressful is the "what do we do once it does sell?"  It is starting to feel like finding a safe and affordable place to live is getting harder and harder.  We both feel terrible that we will be subjecting our son to the reality of moving out of a beautiful home, where he has an awesome bedroom, with a perfect set up for his computer, keyboards, and recording equipment.  He has his own bathroom, and a nice family room to watch movies with his friends....into most likely some crappy apartment or fixer upper house.  It shouldn't matter....but it does.  That's not what you want for your kids.

I have also been trying really hard to come to terms with other issues that are just not moving in the direction I thought they would be going.  I think that is one of the harder things to accept....when you have no control over some aspects of your life.  When what you want and what you get are two different things.  Or when you really believed in something, and put your faith in it, but you aren't sure that you will ever see the end result you hoped for.  So, I am trying to let go of the things I can't control.  When it comes down to it...the only thing I am in control of is ME.  And I have found that I am enough trouble to deal I really don't need to add anyone else to my list!

I think I will stick with teaching my dog to identify her animals.   I will most likely have a better chance at success at that than with all of the other things I'm attempting to accomplish right now!  😜
I will keep you posted on her progress. 😉

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