Sunday, September 21, 2014

Good Things

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A few years ago, I really wanted to move to the country.  I envisioned myself with a big, old farmhouse, a huge garden, lots of apple trees, a couple of dogs running around in the yard, and cats and chickens hanging out with me on my front porch.  My sisters would live just down the road from me, of course, and we would ride our cute bikes with baskets on the front to each other's homes to deliver fresh muffins or apple pie in the morning.  I would have an old 1954 chevy pick-up, and it would always be summer, because this is what it always looks like in Better Homes and Gardens.  
Well, I did buy a bike with a basket on the front.  And I did buy an old chevy truck (not quite the right year...but I still liked it)
And I did find the perfect farmhouse, with all of the things I could ever want....but it was about $200,000 over my budget.  And 60 miles away from our jobs.  So, that wasn't going to work out.
In the end, I stayed a city girl.  In fact, we actually ended up moving closer to the city.  The house was bigger, but the garage and driveway were not, so we had to say good-bye to our cute old truck, and push away the dream of the picture perfect country life a little longer. 

Since it is Sunday, it is the day to post about GOOD THINGS.  A good, wholesome, country life sure sounds like a good thing to me.  I was raised on a farm in the country, with lots of room to run, lots of animals to love, lots of land to seed and harvest, and lots of cows to milk. (I hated that last part).  Looking back, I wouldn't trade my childhood for anything.  It was full of fresh air and creativity.  I am sure it also nurtured my intense love for animals.  My sisters feel much the same.  My youngest sister Emily, has created with her husband, the idyllic country life.  They work harder than anyone I know, but manage to make it look like what my little "make-believe-world" would be.  They can create something out of nothing.  They took a piece of land on the top of a really steep hill (steep, as in when it snows a lot, and their car can't make it up the loooooonnnng driveway, they pull the groceries up to the house on a sled.)  My sister has done this while very pregnant, AND holding a two year old.  This is how we are different.  She makes it happen.  I would just sit at the bottom of the hill and cry until the snow melted, or some cute snow plow man came to save me.
Anyway, today I want to show you some pictures of the little piece of heaven that they have created out of nothing.  Seriously...out of NOTHING.  It is like stepping back in time to a place where life was simple and good.  Where big, organic, home cooked meals were on the table every single day.  Where people chopped wood to feed the stove that warms their home.  A place where the animals that provide your food are raised and cared for lovingly, and with respect.  Where the whole family plants and tends to the seeds that provide their produce.  
It is something you don't see much of in our busy, technology filled, super-store, convenience packed lives today.  Probably because it involves A LOT of hard work and sacrifice.  It does not provide you with a steady paycheck.  It forces you to make do with what you have.  
What an interesting concept. ;)

Welcome to Thistledown Farm

 Snow boots work during any season!

 Rueben is extra talented

 The amazing garden
 Rueben really wanted to be a cabbage patch kid.

Okay, so maybe the boys aren't feeling the "idyllic life" thing on this day. lol

 Mom....can I pleeeeese come in the house today??

 FEED ME!!!!!

 The beautiful Stevenson Family

I hope your Sunday is filled with very good things! 

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  1. So enjoy your posts Beth! Great to see your sister, her family and the fantastic farm they have! I'm with you....I wouldn't trade my childhood in the country for anything and spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get back to that kind of life. Thanks for writing!