Monday, October 13, 2014

Always My Baby

Let me tell you a little bit about my Sunday afternoons.
If you read yesterdays blog, I mentioned that I was going to forget my worries, and take a nap.
On a normal day, if a nap is involved, I will attempt to sleep for an hour, and then face the fact that I will just have to wait until I can actually go to bed that night to finally get some rest.
Not on Sundays.  I should preface this by saying my Sunday mornings are busy, and early, and exhausting.  Ask any church musician, and they will tell you that their Sunday afternoon nap is sacred.  I always wondered why I could teach a full day and then head off to rehearsal at night on a normal week day, and feel fine, but after four hours of playing at church on Sunday, I was completely spent.  I once asked a pastor if he experienced this same phenomenon.  He did.  And he explained "consider the number of people you are dealing with each Sunday.  And then consider the amount of energy you need to expend to each of them.  This is why we are exhausted."
That made sense.
So, at 1:30 I crawled into bed with my ham sandwich and my remote control (and two dogs who sat far too close to that damn sandwich.)  
We probably shouldn't even discuss the fact that I was eating ham.  We all know about my piggy obsession, and I can't believe I actually purchased a pork product.  However, the hot ham slices and the free buns at the grocery store just took over all sense of logic and the greater good yesterday.
I am so sorry, my sweet little piggy friends.
I now feel like a baby killer. 

Around 6pm, I emerged from my slumbering bliss.  (Don't worry, I watched a couple of shows first, so I only slept for about three hours.)
I got up, made another ham sandwich...good Lord....and went back to bed.
Hey, I had lots of DVR'd shows to catch up on!
This is my favorite part though...because this is when my 14 year old son typically crawls into bed with me to hang out.
Sometimes he watches TV with me.  Usually, he just listens to his music, or plays a video game...but HE SITS IN MY BED WITH ME!  
When he was little (ok...up until like 6th grade) he was my snuggle buddy.  My best friend.  My sweet angel.  Now, he is a lot less snuggly.  However, the fact that I still can have a couple of hours with him just sitting with me is priceless.  And sometimes, he lays his head by me and falls asleep.
soooooo sweet!

And then, after an entire day of being a complete bum, it's time for bed. ('s time to go to SLEEP.  Again.)   My husband comes in to get ready to go to bed, and gives Sam the "seriously dude?  Can I have my bed back?" look.  And Sam, every single time, looks disappointed that he has to get up and leave.  Because apparently, he actually likes to sit with his mama, and maybe he isn't quite ready to go back to his own room just yet.  Even if he is a teenager, and is in high school.
Because in the end....he will always be my baby boy.

Happy Monday!  

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