Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ummm, yeah.

This picture.

If it were captioned, it would, of course, say "Are you #$&*%(& kidding me?!!"
I have a very hazy memory of this day.  I am pretty sure I was pissed about the dress. 
Apparently I felt I was much too sophisticated for an apple dress at this stage in my life.  
What I love most about this photo is that the "look" (on my face, not my attire) pretty much sums up my attitude 98.7% of the time.
Actually, I am pretty sure that once my sister was born, and I was no longer the only child (aka: princess) this was what I looked like.  Every single day.

I share this with you today, because it is cuter than if I took a picture of me currently making that face (which I am.) 
Yes, this weekend has put that look of pure joy and elation right out there for all the world to see.

If you are late to the yesterdays blog.


In an effort to start TODAY off better, I went to bed at 9:30 last night.  I was so excited about the fact that I would actually be rested for my four hour stint at church this morning.
Then 2:00am hit, along with a migraine from hell.  4 pills, one ice pack and three hours later, I was finally sleeping peacefully....for 55 minutes until my alarm went off.
(cue: "the face")

I got to church, and asked my friend Larry to look at my damaged car. (He works in a body shop.)  I asked him to give me a ball park guesstimate of what I would be looking at to make my car pretty again.
After considering running my daughter over and using her life insurance money for the repair bill, I calmed down, and tried not to think about it for the next 4 hours.

Then I called my sister.  My mother is still on this crazy rampage that my sis is the devil incarnate.  My sister, who lovingly cares for her, bathes her, rubs her head when she tucks her in at night, prepares beautiful, organic meals for her.  SERIOUSLY?!!!!

So, now I ponder how to grow a money tree, and how to mentally prepare myself for the possibility of being a full time caregiver again if we can't get this detour to crazy-land figured out.
Weren't Sundays supposed to be my "Good Things" day?!

Well, there was a ray of sunshine in my day.

I found the PERFECT pumpkin at the Farmer's Market.  And Cooper approves.  
We actually found a whole slew of perfect pumpkins.  I think the great carving event will be fantastic this year.  
It might be hard to compare with last years masterpieces...but we are up to the challenge!

Halloween 2013

And now....for my attempt to turn this day around.....I'm off to take a nap.

Have a lovely Sunday!  xo

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