Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cake helps.

Okay.  Can we just talk about how horrifying it is when you go to write your post for the day, and you are unable to log into your own blog account?
I do believe the universe is working against me today.
I apologize for the fact that I am beginning my Wednesday writings at 12:30pm.  Not exactly what I had planned.
It all started at 5:30 this morning.  I made the mistake of grabbing my warm little chihuahua, snuggling him in my arms like a baby, and nestling him under my chin.  After a couple little piggy snorts, he settled in, and the two of us fell asleep and didn't move.  For the next three hours.
I had to book it to my rehearsal this morning, since, obviously, getting out of bed was not desirable.  Since I never got around to eating, I stopped off at the store on the way home to pick up some caramel apples.  (I decided I'm not sick of them anymore.) Always a horrible idea when you are starving.  $78.00 later, I came home to begin writing.  Or to attempt to.  I actually thought the end was here.  That I would forever be locked out of blogger land.  It wasn't pretty.
It's a good thing I picked up some cake at the store too.  It got me through.

While trying to figure out what the heck to write about today, I was also trying to put a roll of toilet paper on the holder thingy.  I should mention that I HATE the toilet paper holder in my bathroom.  It is plastic, ugly, and awful.  Also, every time I attempt to put a roll of paper on it, the spring inside pops one end off the roller part, and it goes flying across the room.
It makes me crazy. (and it looks, most unfortunately, like a tampon in this pic.  So sorry.)
That led me to thinking about earlier in the day, when I had a complete meltdown over the dishes.  
I was putting the dishes Mark had washed away.  Here is my feeling about hand washing dishes.  If you are going to take the time to do it right.
I have a bit of a perfection problem in certain areas.  For instance, I have no desire to eat off of dirty dishes, or drink out of glasses that have been washed with a nasty old sponge.  
My husband, on the other hand, doesn't seem so bothered by that.
I noticed that the dishes were a little less than sanitary looking as I was putting them away.  I started putting them in the dishwasher, rather than the cupboard.  I was in a bit of a fragile state anyway, so the more dirt I saw, the angrier I got.
Eventually, I was on the kitchen floor, sobbing uncontrollably.  It was not attractive.  
I decided I would jot down some other things that make me crazy.
While perusing Facebook last night, I came across an article about a condition (an ACTUAL condition) that causes rage over the sounds people make when eating.  This was a huge relief, as I most definitely have this condition.  In fact, I would say that this is what caused 80% of my issues with my mother growing up.  I absolutely was incapable of dealing with any of her "mouth sounds."  Whether it was when she spoke (she had that "smacky cotton mouth" thing going on all the time) or how she ate or chewed gum....EVERYTHING made me INSANE.  Literally, made me want to throw myself off a cliff.  She thought I was just being a little snot.  In reality, I was simply suffering from Misophonia.
Now we know.
Ironically, whenever animals make these noises (and they do....all the time.) I think it's adorable.  Go figure.

Back to my dishes meltdown.  I also have a hard time when my lovely family members put the dishes away....and the end result looks like this.
 Because obviously, all those little organizers I put in the drawers are simply for looks.  Why would we actually want to use them?
Or...even worse...they put them in the WRONG PLACE ALTOGETHER!! 

One of my daughters favorite habits is to take her shoes off as she enters the house...and leave them.  Right where she took them off.  Which is ALWAYS right in front of the door.  Because why would we care about other people tripping over them, when we can simply do what is most convenient? Right?

Another favorite of mine is the old "empty container put back in the fridge/cupboard" trick.
My son is soooo good at this one.  I can't tell you the number of times I have found empty water bottles, cereal boxes, chip name it, put back in the pantry or wherever he grabbed it from in the first place.  He also loves to put the half filled soda cups from fast food places in the fridge, because we all know how delicious it will taste in a few days!

There are SO many more wonderful things I could share with you....but I will save them for another day.  
Instead, I would like to now share with you something wonderful!

Today I am celebrating the birthday of a brand new teenager!

Miss Madison Rapuano is 13!!
Maddy and Gigi

This gorgeous girl is my BFF's daughter.  You may remember me writing about sweet soulmate from New Jersey.  
Maddy is her "mini-me".  I wish I could see her more often!  Every time I do get to see her, I swear she grows another foot!!

Look at those legs!  Can you believe this beautiful girl is only 13?!  
Not only is she stunning, and TALL!  But she is also the sweetest thing you will ever meet.

She also makes her parents so proud every single day.  I love hearing her mama talk about her.  I'm sure she doesn't even realize it, but she really is her moms whole world.  Maddy...if you are reading this, I hope you know that you are one loved and treasured girl.  Every time your mom talks about you, it is with such pride and love.  You are so cherished. 

Love this!  Lipgloss is important while canoeing!! 

Happy birthday, sweet Maddy!  Love you today, and always!!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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