Friday, November 7, 2014


Okay, so here is the deal.  I try to post my daily blabberings before or around 8am.  It is sort of my self-established "here-comes-the-blog time."
Most days, I carve out some time in the afternoon or evening to write my post for the following day.  When I am really on the ball, I may even write a few posts, and be way ahead of the game.  (This is very rare.)

Well, it is now 11:17pm....and I am just getting started. 
I will cut myself a little slack, considering I had to play for a marathon of a concert this evening....(it lasted nearly 3 hours.)
Upon arriving home, it was absolutely necessary that I watch tonight's episode of Scandal, accompanied by some chips and salsa.
A girl has to have priorities.
Tonight's concert was the annual Fall Fest (aka: Marathon of Mayhem)
It is soooo long, but it is a good concert. 
The second half features the two middle school show choirs, followed by the two high school show choirs.
I remember the first time I attended this craziness.  
My daughter was in 7th grade, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
I sat in the bleachers, thinking this would be short and sweet.
2 hours in, I was ready to die.  Who the hell invented bleachers anyway? 
They are simply torture devices.
My point is, I have been watching the "show choir progression" for the past five years now, and it is quite the transformation.
There really isn't anything quite as adorable as middle school boys on stage, singing and dancing.
We all know that simply walking and talking at the same time, when you are in seventh grade, is a challenge for the pubescent male.
Watching them dance, while attempting to sing songs that are way beyond their current 3-note range (since their voices will take another couple years to fully change) and you have got ENTERTAINMENT!
AHHH!  So adorable.  
A little painful....but so adorable.
It is insane how, over the course of a couple of years, these kids go from VERY average performers, to pretty amazing performers.

I will admit it....I can see the same show 100 times, but I still get that adrenaline rush, and build up of excitement when the top group gets on stage to start their show.  (The fact that both of my kids are in that group now makes it even more fun to watch!)

Tonight was the big "reveal" of parts of the competition show.  These new additions were pretty amazing, and every soloist was fantastic.  
I will admit, I am a tough sell.  
I will often sit and critique rather than just enjoy.  I can't help it.
My daughter hates it, because I will try to get her to tweak her solo if I don't think it went as well as it could have.  (Tonight it was no battles!)
I can't wait to see this year's closer.  (It's the one piece they haven't "revealed" yet.) From what I have is going to be fabulous!
I think they have a winning show on their hands this year. :)
My point in all this show choir madness is.....these kids were babies 5 minutes ago.  They were awkward, fumbling, goofy middle school kids.  It seems like overnight, they were transformed into these polished, talented, poised, fearless young adults.  It happens so fast.  
I suppose it hits me extra hard, since my kids are part of it.  
I look at both of my kids, and wonder when the heck they turned into these confident people?

It was just yesterday when Lexie wouldn't dream of singing in front of me.
Now she struts her stuff in front of hundreds of people, and it doesn't phase her.
Sam was always our "I'm never going to sing or dance" guy.  Now he is up there rocking it out, along side of his sister.

I wish I could have held on to my little kids longer.  When Sam was three, I would always tell him to quit growing, because I wanted him to stay three FOREVER.  If only it were possible.  I can already feel them slipping away.  
I miss those fat baby cheeks and snuggles....and being the person they always wanted to be with.  I'm still that person...when they want money. ;)
I guess I will just hold on as long as I can....and be happy that even though they keep growing older, I will always be their mom. :)
And I will let you in on a little secret....I kind of love the fact that my daughter is a sassy diva. (and I mean that in the very best way.) :))

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