Tuesday, December 9, 2014

In Search of Some Christmas Mojo

I still haven't started my Christmas shopping.
I'm thinking maybe I just might skip Christmas altogether.
The "hoopla" part, anyway.
My Christmas mojo is nowhere to be found.
Is anyone else feeling this way?
Lord knows my kids don't need one more item cluttering up their rooms or their minds (aka: anything that has a screen on it.)
I took a little peek in my "craft room" the other day, and saw that my daughter has been working on some projects, or something.
In other words, it looks like a bomb went off in there. So, the thought of taking time to attempt to clear off my work table (if I can find it underneath all of the crap she left on top of it) so I have a nice "present wrapping surface" just seems far too daunting.
As for the Christmas tree.....  We have talked about getting one...if we ever get Mark's truck back from the shop.
We are now on week two of loaner cars.
Apparently it's taking forever for parts to come in.
Maybe we will get them back in time to pick up some nice shrubbery next spring.
I have turned into Negative Nelly!
I promise it is temporary!

And I absolutely know what is causing it.
1. I'm tired.
2. I'm hungry.
3. I have a teenage daughter who needs to improve her communication skills so I can make transportation arrangements for the evening, and attempt to be three places at once.
4. There are no blank boxes in my calendar for a long time...and we all know I live for those blank boxes.
I do know one thing....
I am so looking forward to December 26th.
I love that day.
It's the day when I can finally take a deep breath again, and enjoy the fact that all of my craziness is over (for the moment.)
There is typically no where that I need to be...and I can stay in my pj's all day long.  What could be better than that?
I have just come to the decision that I'm not going to let my crankiness bring me down.
It's time to devise a plan that will make the next three weeks less daunting, more enjoyable, and still be productive.
I will make a quick list...short and simple.

1. Complete necessary tasks first.  Get them out of the way in the morning.

2. Stay organized.  Take the extra few minutes to put things away, re-file, straighten up, etc.

3. Take naps.  When crabbiness sets in, or when feeling run down...make time for a nap.

4. Use free time wisely.  Get grocery shopping done, make meals and freeze them, buy/wrap gifts, do laundry, etc.

5. Make calendar of upcoming holiday events/parties/concerts/etc.  Create a list for each event with specifics: time, attire, food, tickets, etc....anything you need to have, wear, know, or bring...so you aren't scrambling at the last minute.

6. This is something I am seriously considering....so I will throw it on here.
Hire a housecleaning service to come in before or after the holidays and give your home a top to bottom cleaning. (I'm thinking before for those of use who have yet to really start decorating, and after for those who are already all beautified.)
Allright. I could seriously go on and on.  I should probably write for Better Homes and Gardens.
Maybe I will make another list tomorrow.
But, right now, I need to follow my own advice, and take advantage of #3.
After a late night of rehearsal, a long drive in the sleet, and then an early morning...this lady is sleepy.
I'm gonna grab a quick nap before the kids come home and cause a ruckus,  I have to go play for church and a concert.
It just never ends.
Let me know if you are aware of a good cleaning service.  Maybe my hubby should get me that for Christmas.
(Along with the diamond rings, sweaters, dogs....)

Speaking of dogs...my blogging partner Riley is making sure I have plenty of kisses to get me through the day.
He also knows it's a good way to make his mama less crabby.
Smart boy.

Have a toasty Tuesday!

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