Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Too Many Things...Too Little Time

I am currently trying to figure out how I can write today's post, stop by Old Navy to pick up a couple pairs of "fat girl" jeans...just to get me through the next few weeks, pick up my kids, put binders together for my "band" (for the show I'm doing) and make copies of music for my rehearsal tonight 
(with a printer that is currently printing like this:)

Nice and easy to read, right?
And if you notice, this is a copy of driving directions.  I am doing a show in Winona, and I get lost EVERY time I go there (1. Because I am an idiot.  2. Because whoever decided on the layout of that town is an idiot. 3. It's always dark when I go there...and my sense of direction is 98 times worse than normal (which is already REALLY bad) in the dark.)
SO, I'm sure these very legible directions will be most helpful.
This all needs to happen in the next 15 minutes.
Yep. That's gonna happen.
By the way....that ^^ is NEW printer ink.
My husband bought the cheap stuff online.
Excellent move Mark.  Excellent move.
A lot of this stuff could have been done this morning, but alas, I woke up with a raging headache...which put everything on hold.
I wish I knew why that always happens.
It seems that whenever I actually have a nice chunk of time put aside for specific projects to get done (things that actually need to get done)
my body decides to rebel in one way or another.
I have learned to cope with my children rebelling when I am trying to get things done...but I just don't have the time or patience when it is actually ME rebelling.
Ah, life.  You are a stinker.
When I was a little girl, my favorite thing to do (other than play outside and create different personas for each "space" that we played in) was to play in my room.  My sister and I would always play "office" or "store."
Our favorite place to visit in La Crosse was Rowley's office supply store.  We would buy supplies for our "offices."  We thought we were so cool, having our own carbon copy receipts and ledger books.
We would organize all of our "stuff" and take "inventory."
I have to admit, I still have a little bit of that OCD office organization "thing" in me.
I have been pulling all of this music together for the show I'm working on, as well as the two choirs I am rehearsing for Christmas.
I can't get over how much fun I have getting all of the music together, putting everything in files and organizing it.  Putting binders together, labeling everything.  It's just like playing "office" again!
I think I have mentioned my obsession with office supplies before.  I LOVE pretty folders and organizers, paper clips, binders, staplers, 3-hole punchers....all of it.  Of course, cool paper, notebooks, journals, and GREAT pens are my ultimate vice.  (FINE tipped pens, of course.)
I think I could happily sit and address envelopes, or label file folders all day long.  
The ONLY issue I have is with these monsters.

It's sad...because I actually really like envelopes.  And these are so much fun to address.  However...I can't touch one without getting a HORRIBLE paper cut.
If my hand gets anywhere near the top....I am risking my life.
It is like playing with razors.
There has to be a way to dull those edges...what if I hit a major artery with it one day?  
Can you even imagine?
Death by envelope?
How embarrassing.  And tragic.
I took a brief recess to pick up the offspring, and stop by the store for some jeans.
Sadly, the "Rock Star" jeans that I typically buy (appropriately named, don't  you think?) ;) have changed their pattern, I believe.
What used to be a jean that had skinny legs with a waist that accommodated apples like me now has a looser leg.
I'm sorry, but a "super skinny" jean with baggy thighs just doesn't cut it.
I didn't even bother to try a size smaller, because I am sure it would have been constricting in the spare tire area...and the whole reason for buying fat clothes is so I have some nice, loose waisted attire that doesn't make me look like I have a bungee cord wrapped a little too tight around my middle.  It's best if I just let it all hang loose.
Thankfully, the "V" shaped sweater dress seems to be a popular style this year, so I picked up a few of those instead.
Now, when I extend my arms out to the side, I will look like Maggie Simpson in her snowsuit.
This is the look I have always been striving for it's win win.
All that is left on my "need to get done RIGHT NOW" list is the music.
I am going to have to run all the way to church and use my computer there to print off the music I just purchased, so I at least have a copy to play off of tonight.
The obstacle there is that Mark so conveniently took my car keys with him to work today.
And, of course, he is on his bicycle.
Not exactly a speedy mode of transportation.
Gee, I wonder if I will get anything done on time today.
Considering I never get anything done on time when I have no obstacles, I would venture a guess that NO would be the answer to that question.
So, while I wait, let's review the moral of today's story.
1.  Never buy cheap printer ink.
2.  Never assume everything will get done if you give yourself a one day window.
3.  Never let your husband drive your car, because he WILL forget to give you back your keys.
4.  Always have some hard liquor on hand, because there is a very good chance that there will be many days when you could really just use a shot.

Some of those might be first thing in the morning.

Have a great Wednesday!!

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