Sunday, December 7, 2014

Batting Zero

Do you ever have one of those days when you are just "off your game?"
You know, when you just aren't feeling it....and when what is normally easy and routine feels tedious and difficult?
I had one of those days today.
I am not really sure what brought it on.
Perhaps it all started when I got out of bed for a few minutes to quickly post my blog for today.  I knew I was going to be coming back to bed, so I just ran out to the computer for a second...and didn't bother to grab my glasses.
Three hours later when I opened up Facebook, I noticed I had posted "Something for Satufday."
I should mention that it drives me nuts when I am reading through a blog post (especially when it's short) and the writer hasn't bothered to proof read it at all.
There is one blog I read quite faithfully...and she really doesn't write a lot.  She posts everyday, but it usually consists of a quick blurb about what her family is up to, and some cute pictures to go along with it.
There have been several occasions when there are words blatantly misspelled in her posts.  Sometimes it's even her kids names.  So, obviously, she just hasn't bothered to read over it before publishing.
Knowing can see why my "Satufday" was not a good way to start my day.  I mean, it almost made me look smart...but not quite.
At least I can blame my "oops" on the fact that I am blind as a bat. ;)
I can be forgiving of spelling...I mean, come on!  That's what spellcheck is for.  My computer is completely to blame if there is anything misspelled in my writing.
The one thing I'm not so forgiving for, however, is bad grammar.
If I am reading something, and at any point in time there is a sentence that contains an "I seen" I am done.  I just can't go on.  I suppose that makes me a snob?  For me, if I am reading something, I am always neutral when I begin.
I am a blank slate, so to speak, taking in the words as I read them.
If the writing is eloquent and well thought out, I naturally assume that the writer is educated and intelligent.  If the writing starts out seemingly well...but suddenly sentences start to include "I seen them at the party" or "them apples sure look delicious" my impression of the writer's intelligence level and education immediately drop considerably.
It's pretty amazing the impression you can make by simply using good grammar.
And, on the flip side...the impression you make using bad grammar.

I always have to wonder if people who struggle with this are aware of how they speak or write....or is it something that is just so much a part of them, they don't even notice?
Another thing that completely baffles me is how siblings who have grown up together can differ so much with how they use the language.
I know of families where one or two of the siblings speak very concisely, and their children do as well.  However, the other siblings have terrible grammar, but only some of their offspring do.
I am sure their spouses play a role in it as well.  When you are around it everyday, I suppose it just becomes natural.

It just occurred to me that everyone who reads all the babble I write are forming impressions of me. "Yeah...she is a real rocket scientist, that one!" (snicker, snicker) ;)
Or, you might be thinking that I am forming impressions of you!
Should I delete all of this?  Are you all going to be all self conscious around me now...thinking "OMG...she is totally going to be judging us for our grammar and spelling!!  I can't even speak around her anymore!!!" 
Don't worry.  I TOTALLY won't judge you.
Unless you start writing for the newspaper or People magazine.
And then, only if you misuse "seen", and "them".
Can I quick tell you a secret?
At one of the 500 schools I taught at...there was a person hired to teach middle school English.  One day he/she came up to me in the hall and said "Hey Beth!  I seen you at Wal-Mart the other day!"
I quietly said a little prayer for all of the children who would be "learning" ENGLISH in that classroom....and went on my way. (yikes!)
How the hell did I go from my bad day to all of THAT?!
I thought this would be a lovely morning to hang out with my husband.  Our kids were in show choir land until maybe we could just chill for awhile.
He was going to be gone all evening/night for a this would be the only time I'd see him today.
That was a nice thought.
He had other thoughts.
He spent the morning running around, doing nice things for other people, while I stayed home and paid bills and worked on music stuff.
I had to leave to play a wedding before he returned.
(Nice seeing ya, honey!)
So...I play for gazillions of weddings.....not a big deal.
I got out of the car, and immediately dropped my water bottle.
I have a water bottle that is pretty much attached to my hip.  It has seen better days, but it is my go-to "take with me everywhere...I'd die without it" water bottle. hit the cement hard, snapped the straw, and cracked the lid.

Ummm....kinda hard to drink out of that straw now.

And here is the lovely crack.
I do have to admit.  This cup is ugly as all get out.
It looks like a bad attempt at artsy camouflage.
I did have a really pretty Starbucks cup....but I dropped that too...and it was in even worse shape.
Anyway...the wedding.
I was playing my usual fare...which I could practically play in my sleep.
But, today, I wasn't feeling it.
I was second guessing myself all over the place.
I wasn't playing like crap....but it just wasn't the normal, enjoyable experience that it usually is.
And I have a scratchy throat singing was sucky.
Then I had to play for church.
I have been playing the same Mass parts for almost two years now....never a wrong note.
Tonight, I was gacking all over them.
It was pathetic.
Although...I do wonder if people in the congregation just wait for that.
Like...take bets or something.
"Okay...ten bucks says tonight she is gonna screw up the Lamb of God."
Or, maybe they are so used to it just being right, that when I lose my mind temporarily, and play the intro so badly that even I can't figure out what the hell key I'm shakes things up a little...keeps them on their toes.
I think we'll go with that one.
Luckily, my good friend was singing with she was getting a good laugh anyway.
All I could think about was just coming home, and going to bed.
I think the pre-Christmas stress is setting in.
Too bad the "crazy" hasn't even really begun.
There was a lovely moment when I finally got home though.
This was waiting on the counter.

I had texted Mark about my water bottle disaster.

Sometimes, he can redeem himself quite nicely.

Here is hoping tomorrow is a more "on" kind of day!
And I don't know about you...but I am hoping for some snow!
I finally took the Halloween decorations's time to get ready for Christmas! 
But for right now:

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