Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Fresh Start

Happy New Year!!!
What will this year bring???

I think the first question is "How are you choosing to approach your new year?"
When I read the box above....I find myself taking it two ways.
1. A lot can happen in a I better enjoy each day.  You never know when disaster might strike. 
(That would be my not-so-optimistic view.)
2. Just think of all of the amazing changes I can make over the course of this year.
(I'm thinking this one has a much less morbid feel to it.)

There is a part of me that asks: Which option represents reality?
Probably both.
I do think we need to live each day to the fullest, because we don't know what the next day might bring...or if there even will be a next day.

I also think we need to set goals for ourselves...give ourselves something to strive for, things to look forward to (that is a big one for me) something to work toward.
I know that I always need to have a positive goal...something that motivates me, and gets me excited.

I have to admit, I haven't completed my New Year's Evolution list yet.
Nor have I crafted any big plans for how implement the things I know I want to do.
Now....on a typical year, this would mean failure.
If I didn't have this stuff wrapped up and ready to go on January 1...well, how on earth did I expect to start the year off right?
Obviously, I had ruined my chance, and would have to wait until next year.
(Oh darn.  I guess I can go have a candy bar, since the diet is off.)
Well, this year I have decided to approach my "goals" gently.
Yes....losing weight is on the list...OF COURSE.
However, it is not going to be a drastic "all or nothing" endeavor.
It is going to be about gradual changes....rather than my typical approach.

I have also decided that I am going to give up my attempt at mental telepathy.
I have been trying to get my husband to read my mind for the past 19 years....and after my failed attempt at an anniversary that involved, well, anything....I have decided that I will just have to start actually spelling things out for the guy. (Apparently my skills have not increased, or perhaps, ever existed.)
I will be voicing ideas like "You need to actually take some initiative and plan something...because it would be SO nice if I didn't always have to be the one who did it."  Or "those hints I keep dropping....yes, they are REAL hints."
Things like that.
Moving on.
It has come to my attention that my butt spends way too much time in contact with fluffy surfaces. (i.e.: the couch, the chair, my bed, etc.) 
No wonder it is flat.
I will never have a J.Lo butt if I keep sitting on it.
This is going on my list.
You know how it's so easy to give in to your dog when he is looking up at you with those big eyes, looking so sad and pathetic, and making little whimpering noises....and all he wants is just a little taste of your burger (or whatever.)
Well....I am a sucker for my dogs...but also for myself.
I am a total pushover when it comes to that voice in my head.
I can justify ANYTHING.
This involves food, (I'm eating cheesecake as I type this) shopping, getting out of exercising, being lazy in general, procrastinating, not leaving my house, etc.
This needs to change.
I am currently researching "ways to murder that damn voice inside your head."
I am pretty sure they can't convict you for killing something that no one else can see....or hear....??
I have decided my word for the year is going to be:
Baby Steps.
Yeah, yeah...I know that is two words.
However, this will be really good for me.
I typically am an "all or nothing" girl.
Today, I will start to train myself how to work progressively.
My house didn't become a disaster overnight....
I didn't become a bloated chunky monkey overnight (even though it seems like it)
Everything takes time...and it is a process.
I am going to allow myself to actually work through that process, and not get frustrated, or discouraged.
I have a feeling I will find SO much more success by approaching things this way.
SO there you have it.  My plan.
What is YOUR plan?
I would love to know!!

I love this quote....and it is my wish for all of you!!

Sending many happy thoughts and wishes for a very blessed 2015!!

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