Sunday, December 28, 2014


I am still on this motivation kick.
It's a good thing that magazines all tend to focus on "Being Your Best in the New Year!" for their January issue.  It's also good that their January issues come out in the middle of December....and that I subscribe to gobs of them.
(A girl needs some bathtub reading!)
I also have lots of e-mail motivation that is sent to me each day via various blogs, websites, places I don't recall signing up for, but must have in a wine induced quest for perfect abs, etc.
I was recently reading an article where a woman posed the question:
"Every year I set New Year's resolutions, then I slip back into the same old habits.  How do I make new ones stick?"
(Gee...sounds familiar.)
This question was sent to Clinton Kelly....the guy from "The Chew" and "What Not To Wear' obviously, he is a GENIUS!!

I LOVE his reply.  (I'm not going to regurgitate it's long.)
In essence, he said he gave up resolutions, and started making New Year's Evolutions. 
He says to think of them as "barely noticeable changes to your daily routine that nonetheless add up to big difference over time--and transform your life for the better."
He also goes on to say that "you need to lose your quick-fix mentality."
An example he gave was twenty years ago...when he was really broke, he continued to spend roughly $10 a day on designer coffee. ($2600/year!)
He decided to buy a $20 milk frother, and some espresso beans...and didn't miss that mocha-chocalatte at all.
He used the money saved to pay off credit card debt.

Other changes made were only allowing himself to watch one hour of TV a day....unless he is doing some productive while watching. (Ironing, folding clothes, etc.)
Taking the subway instead of a taxi.
Never standing still on an escalator.
Just small things that add up.
I like his thinking.  And I LOVE "New Year's Evolution!"
I think making a "resolution" just sets a person up for failure.
Even just typing that word make my stomach feel weird.  Like a nervous, icky, "I really don't want to do this" kind of feeling.
When I typed "New Year's Evolution"...I actually felt a little bad ass.
I can do bad ass WAY better than nervous and icky!!
I don't want to be "expected" to do anything.
I want to do everything on my own terms.
I have always hated being told what to do....unless I ask.
(This totally comes from being raised by a controlling mother.)
It's a catch 22.
I hate being told what to do....but I often doubt myself when I'm told to just go do what I think is best.
AGH!  Self-doubt!!  Indecisiveness!! Fear of failure!!
If only we all had a "reset" button, so we could undo all of the stuff in our lives that has screwed us up.

I would also like to be able to figure out at what point in life did my ability to procrastinate on an Olympic level take hold.
Is it a learned behavior?  It is genetic?
I went to college BEFORE I even knew what the internet was.
However, there was a huge flaw in the dorm rooms at Viterbo.
I am sure that whoever ordered the desks that were provided in each room thought that they were doing us a favor.  Oh yes...they were fancier than your average desk...but they were a source of misery to anyone who may or may not have an undiagnosed case of ADD.
These desks had a built in bulletin board that stared at the user the entire time you sat in front of it.  Of course, you would hang lots of pictures and fun things to look at on that bulletin yourself far too many things to distract you from getting ANYTHING done.  EVER.
It was the Facebook of 1990.
I am willing to bet that those boys who are now sitting on their millions, because of their clever Facebook "idea" also had bulletin boards on their desks at some point in their lives.
Okay.  Slight tangent there.
My objective: To not let my procrastination take over my motivation.
Because then...we have a situation.
Stay tuned.

Happy Sunday!

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