Monday, February 23, 2015

Soul Re-Boot

The past few days have been a mix of super busy and super emotional.
I am sure the super busy...which leads to "super tired...super hungry...super headache" could definitely be part of the reason for the "super emotional."
On Friday, I decided we were going to go see a movie.  I didn't want something  violent (sorry American Sniper) or depressing (sorry I'm Still Alice) so I watched the trailer for McFarland, USA.  And I started bawling.  (Happy tears.)
That was an excellent choice.  SOOOO good, so uplifting, but it really did a number on my already emotional state.
Saturday was a full day of solo/ensemble, followed up by the "Beth and Jaine show" at church.  Good Lord, we can not get through a Mass without something ridiculous happening.  This weekend, it was me...unable to play the intro to the psalm in the correct key.
Then, during our lovely communion meditation, Jaine got a little turned around in her music during the 4th verse. (In her defense, this song was really screwy....and the verses were not lined up logically at all.) So, she sang the entire verse, trying to read my lips in an attempt to sing the correct words, while flipping through her music frantically.)  It was hilarious.
Considering we had just learned the piece 40 minutes earlier, and had only ever sung through it twice, it went pretty well....even with the lip reading. ;)
However, I was ready to keel over from an excruciating headache during the entire Mass....and it didn't let up until about 4 hours later.
This did not help with my over tired, over hungry emotional state.
Lexie grabbed up some Chinese take-out...and that DID help.
Sunday proved to be an all out crappy day from the start.
It was just an emotionally driven day of misinterpreted "tone of voice" and negative body language between Mark and I.
You know, one of those days where you are feeling tired, a little sad and unappreciated, and he reads it as "She is mad at me for NO reason!" and in turn, gives you the cold shoulder? of those fun days.

Earlier this month, I was thinking to myself "wouldn't it be nice to just have a week of NOTHING?"
Well, I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer nice, but necessary.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to have an actual week of nothing, but I have decided to take this last week of February, and pare down my responsibilities and activities as much as possible.
I need to do a little soul searching, a little catching up around the house, a little emotional "tune-up" for myself.  I have been running on fumes lately, and just need to re-fill.

So...I will be taking this week off from writing.
Even though this is an activity I really is also pretty time consuming.
I am going to use the time I typically dedicate to the blog and do something totally selfish, yet good for me.  Maybe hit the treadmill (that is getting VERY dusty.)  Maybe some time at the piano (if I can stand how out of tune it is right now!) Maybe I will finally figure out what I'm giving up/taking on for Lent?!!
Hey...since you won't have this to read for the next few days...maybe you could
find something productive to do as well?!
Of course, it probably only takes you about 3 minutes to read this I guess you could make some toast?
This will be a good experiment.  I always have had this crazy fear that if I didn't write for a day or two...I would lose all my readers, and the blog would die.
Well...I guess we will find out!

See you in March!!


  1. Enjoy your time to yourself Beth, you deserve it. And I for one, will be here when you get back! :)

  2. You are the sweetest thing ever. Thank you Sheila. <3