Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another Day in Paradise

Here is the run-down.
Yesterday, we got up at 10am.
Nice...but not a good way to get much done.
Mark made me french toast.
That was good.
As I was lounging in the tub, he came in with an "I'm not happy" look on his face.
One of our valves for the in-floor heating system had burst (this would be one of  our annual occurrences since purchasing this home.  It involves the heating guy coming over and replacing a plastic thingy...and it never costs less than $300.)

We spent the next 2 hours recording practice CD's for my church choir.
About half way through the process, Mark realized he hadn't hooked up the microphones to his we got to record all of those songs again.

Then the kids came home.  And started getting on each other's nerves.  Which always involves loud noises and screaming. 
I hate that.

So, we left, and went to a movie.
McFarland, USA.
Bring kleenex.
As we left the theater, my daughter sent this picture....
and this message:
I took a bath....and then came downstairs and my toilet looked like this:

Seriously?  How does this happen?

Needless to say...we rushed home.
So much for a dinner out.

I had Mark go grab us some at least I didn't have to cook.
And then, we started getting all of our stuff ready for today...because 
guess what I get to do ALL DAY?

Play for solo/ensemble.
I have a love/hate relationship with this day.
Mostly the latter.
I know it's good for the kids.  And I do enjoy working with kids who really care about music, and work hard on their pieces.
It makes me feel so good when they are successful...and I have been known to get weepy when they are given exemplary awards for their performance.

But, it is also a long, exhausting day.
And it makes my brain hurt.
And I have to get up WAY too early in the morning.

So.....I just might give myself a day off from blogging tomorrow.
But for now, I am going to go deal with my barking dog, and my daughter who is pounding in frustration on the piano.

I need a beer.

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