Friday, March 31, 2017

Plans & Peas

I'm trying to keep up with blogging daily.  Im finding that I wait until I'm laying in bed, in the dark, pondering whether there was anything that transpired during my day worth writing about.  In all life is pretty boring, if you eliminate all of the drama, right now.

I managed to get Rosie to the vet for "laser light therapy" on her incision today.  The girls who work there must wonder if I own a brush...or more than one outfit, because I always show up looking like I just rolled out of bed (I did) and I am always wearing the same sweatshirt.  I changed out of my Christmas pj pants, and put some jeans it could have been worse.  My hair is always a messy rats nest thrown in a pile on top of my head...and chap stick is the closet thing to make up on my face.  It's just not pretty.  But Rosie never complains. She just drools A LOT in the car, while she tries not to throw up, (she gets car sick) 😕 and pees on the floor when we get there because she sees other dogs and gets over-excited.  We both have our issues these days. 🙄

My biggest issue of late is a bout of endless headaches.  I think this attempt at spring is going to make my head explode.  I know many of my fellow headache sufferers have been experiencing the same misery.  JUST RAIN ALREADY!!!  And RAIN HARD!  Get it over with, and then warm up!  I think the grocery stores should just have a freezer full of bags of frozen peas at the store entrance when the barometric pressure is wreaking havoc with people's heads.  Peas, free for the taking, with a Velcro strap, to secure it to the back of your neck.  Is this too much to ask? 🤔

My headache, or the meds I had taken to try to rid myself of it must have messed with my cognitive function....because I got loopy during lessons today.  At one point, a student was telling me about some of his friends.  He said one of their names was Matthew.  I (very seriously) told him that I really liked that name, and that if I had ever had a son, I would have named him Matthew.  He looked at me like I was a complete moron (which clearly, I was at this moment) and said, " DO have a son, and you named him Sam."  It then occurred to me that yes, he was indeed correct...and I burst out laughing, because for those few moments, I apparently had no recollection of having children.  (As the experience of motherhood has obviously rendered me mentally incompetent.)

And so, as another week nears its end, I realize that I need to come up with a plan of action.  It is painfully clear that just hoping "this will be the week that......" isn't working.  I realize that I have been waiting for some things to happen....and for some things to be put into motion that I felt would motivate me to "move forward" with my life, and where I am at.  I'm figuring out that the only person I can rely on is myself.  That has been a harsh reality.  It's hard when you want to believe more than anything that you can trust in what other people tell you....but when their words and actions don't match, you have to face the truth.  Tomorrow is a new day....and Rosie and I are going to work on our "plan of action."  We girls need to stick together.  And if all else fails....we move on to plan B.
Ice Cream. 🍦