Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I woke up at 4am this morning.  Clearly, this was not gonna fly.  Let me rephrase this.  My persistent chihuahua woke me up at 4am this morning.  The little turd loves to guard the house from his post near the front door most of the night.  Then, he comes to my side of the bed, and does his little "I'm going to scratch incessantly on the side of the mattress until my mom wakes up and puts me in bed."
Getting him in bed is always an adventure in itself.  My bed is pretty high off the floor, so to reach a little dog, I have to throw half of my body off the bed, and hope I have my weight distributed equally.  It can be rather precarious, because once you add the weight of the dog to the mix, it throws the entire attempt at grace and balance right out the window. (And occasionally onto the floor.) 😳
Luckily, this has only occurred a couple times, and only once with a human witness.  The dogs don't seem to mind when I end up flailing on the floor.  Nor do they ever offer me any assistance.
Anyway...this began the day.  By the time I finally back asleep, the piercing sound of Mark's alarm clock (then snooze, then alarm, then snooze, then alarm.....) began.  This, of course, was followed by the assault of bright lights from the closet and bathroom, along with all of the noises to accompany a half asleep man trying to get ready for work.  Needless to say, I was wide awake. 🙄

I'm afraid my motivation to do anything productive is still eluding me.  So, I moved to the couch with Rosie, because she needed to recover from surgery, and I needed an excuse to be a pathetic bum.  We snuggled and shared a banana, and for a little while, all was right in the world.
Then, I decided I needed apple pie bars from Fayze's.  Not just needed....but might perish without them.  I think Sam (after being home this week on spring break, and witnessing what a disaster I have become) has come to the conclusion that I might need intervention, so he didn't flinch when I asked if he would drive to LaCrosse to get me my bars.  I called to make sure they had them.....and they did NOT.  After getting through that phone call without an embarrassing meltdown (don't think i wasn't on the verge) I pondered making some....for about two seconds. After realizing that I was not about to go through the work of getting ready, going to the grocery store, AND making the darn things, I thought I could send the kid out to buy an apple pie....but you know that it would be next to impossible to find one that didn't have canned apples in it.  I needed the REAL THING.  So, I had a raspberry toaster strudel, and tried really hard to not think about apples for the rest of the day.  😢🍎🍏

I had to play for confessions at church well as Stations of the Cross.  Poor Rosie did not want me to leave her, and kept hugging me at the door, trying to get me to stay.  If only I could use her as a legitimate reason to not show up at work.  But, apparently, the night could not proceed unless I was there to lead a bunch of antsy teenagers in the singing of "Jesus, remember me...when you come into your kingdom."  FIFTEEN TIMES.  Actually, 45 times, if you include the other two nights I have had to do it.  I'm pretty sure Jesus is going to remember ME. 😳  And I will be just fine if I never have to play that song again.  And I will now publicly confess that I am heartily sorry for having rolled my eyes 👀 after about refrain number 7 or 8....and every refrain after that.  I was feeling very angsty, and didn't have any junior mints along to calm me down.  And yes, I have the maturity level of a 14 year old.....sometimes.  But only when I have to do things I don't want to do. Like play the same song 15 times in a row.  🙄

In all honesty, today was an emotional roller coaster.  I will spare you the details, because it was depressing enough the first time around!  I'm so ready to hit reset, and start again tomorrow.  That is the beauty of a new day, don't you think?  It's always a chance to try again.  To be a little more compassionate.  To love a little deeper.  To reach out to someone who needs you.  To be the one who makes the lonely person feel loved, or be the friend to the one who gets overlooked.  It's amazing to me how the smallest gestures of kindness often have the biggest impact.  Maybe today is the day you will make a difference in someone's life. ❤️

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