Saturday, October 11, 2014

You Have GOT to be Kidding Me

I should have known last night when I went to light my fancy new fall candles.  I opened the lids, and this is what I found.

Really?  Did I REALLY grab a candle with a wonky wick? Obviously, this is going to create the dreaded black sided candle jar.  Is it that difficult for the manufacturer to get that wick in the CENTER?  Had I had access to a car, I may have very well gone back to the store and exchanged it.  However, the kids were off running errands for me with my car (this did not go well) and Mark was at a football game.  And let me tell you...this chain of events led to disaster.
Just a brief conversation about the "errands."
I wanted just a couple of items.  1. Tombstone pizza...anything but pepperoni.  (They both know I hate pepperoni.)  2. Bertollis frozen dinner thingy in a bag...the chicken asparagus farafalle with vodka sauce.
They came home with:
1. A pepperoni pizza.
2. Chicken carbonara and bacon. In a box.
So. Close. 

This morning, I had hoped for a nice, stress free day.  The kids had a show choir performance in La Crosse that we were going to go watch, and then the "Von Lakmanns" are providing musical entertainment at an outdoor wedding this afternoon. 
As I walked out of my bedroom, the first words I heard were "What was THAT?!!" I then saw Mark run to the garage door, and I quickly followed after.  Lexie was in the drivers seat of Mark's car, with her hands over her face....looking terrified, and there was a large white dent/scrape/horrible looking thing along the back of the car.  
Have I mentioned that MY car is white?  My beautiful car, that I have had for a whole three months?  
I looked at the front end, and there wasn't a mark on it...and breathed a huge sigh of relief.
Until Mark said "whoa...your car looks much worse."  I then ventured toward the back end, and saw this.

My darling daughter had not bothered to put my car in the garage after their outing last night...but my husband did decide to put his in there.  He said "I thought about putting yours in too...but then I didn't."  (Helpful)
I should mention that:
1. She also parked like a moron.
2. Our driveway is STUPID, and not straight, so you have to have some ability when backing out.  Obviously not all of us possess that. 

I am very grateful that this is the worst "car accident" she has been involved in. I actually really appreciate it, because now I can choose the method in which to kill her.  I'm thinking strangulation.
So, rather than using all of the money I have earned this weekend (playing for various events) to buy a nice camera to enhance the photo portion of my blog,  or perhaps just making my next CAR PAYMENT...I am guessing it will all go toward that DENT.  Just like last months extra cash went toward fixing my darling daughters cracked cello. 
Because why would we want nice things that actually stay nice?  Why?  When we can continuously wreck them and then pay to have them fixed up again?  

In other news, my mother apparently attempted to make a great escape while at the Co-Op with my sis yesterday.  She decided that hiding in out in a stranger's house was an excellent plan...and then refused to leave with her.  
Yes, we thrive on crazy in this family.  Why would we want calm, peaceful and easy, when we can embrace chaos, confusion and catastrophe instead?!
I just keep reminding myself...someday, it's going to make a VERY interesting book.  
If they allow pencil and paper in the padded room.

I think today might call for a cocktail.
 Sadly, this is the closest thing resembling wine in my fridge.
Although....I may have some grapes fermenting in the produce drawer.
It's all good!

Have a lovely Saturday!

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