Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cheesecake and Shenanigans

Well, I see that no one has volunteered to slow down OR stop time for me.
You are not being particularly helpful, people.
I had hoped to be amazing today.
In some respects, I guess I was.
I mean, I didn't take a nap.
I DID take a shower.
I went out in public, and no one stared awkwardly...so I must have looked presentable.
But, as seems to be the case every single darn day, I am now sitting here....it's 7:30 pm, and I'm wondering what the heck I accomplished.
I mean, I DID spend the whole day doing stuff.
But, to look around the house, one would never know it.
So, I think I will take this Tuesday as another opportunity to offer up
'what I know for sure.'

1.  I planned ahead, and decided what I was having for dinner during our church staff lunch at Ciatti's today.  I find it is always wise to plan ahead.
I decided to just go ahead an order my dinner to go, so I wouldn't have the burden of having to cook later on, especially considering how much I have to get done in the next 48 hours.
I had my vegetables, protein and grains for lunch, so I will be having my fruit and dairy for dinner.
(That's cheesecake, if you can't really tell, under all that raspberry sauce.)
With a bottle of grapes.

2. Getting organized, and filing stuff is not a quick task.
I have been plugging away at this job for the past three days.
I now have all of the music that was stacked on the large table in the middle of my piano room filed.
I have absolutely no idea where to put the boxes they are filed in, however.

Oh, and I may never be able to stand up straight again.
Hunching over for hours at a time is a really dumb thing to do.

3.  I got most of my Christmas cards addressed today.  Of course, the mailman got here before I was ready, so I ended up schlepping all the way to the post office.  I decided to be super smart this year, and take a picture of them, so when I think to myself "Oh crap...did I remember to send uncle Charlie a card?!" I can just refer to my handy dandy photo, and find out!

Do you notice what is missing on these envelopes?
(Other than stamps)

Those stupid address labels.
Have you ever tried to use a stamper thingy on an envelope that has a way too thick Christmas letter in it?
Well, it doesn't work well.
And, of course, it wouldn't have occurred to me to stamp them before filling them.
Do you remember what I said about those darn address labels?

Well....it happened.
After I had stamped all but two, I was digging around in my desk drawers looking for something else, and guess what I found!

And yes, I HAD looked in that drawer for them.
I just hadn't looked hard enough.
They were under stuff.
It never fails.

4.  Do you own this CD yet?

Of course, you have heard of them...right?  They are all over Facebook, and everywhere else.
This is my favorite Christmas CD.
I have two.
One for the house and one for the car.
And yes, I'm old school.
I don't just buy it on iTunes, and put it on my phone or my iPod, or my i-don't-know-what-to-do-with-this-little-electronic-contraption-thingy.
I like CD's.
They have covers....that you can read.
With pictures.
Very educational.
I have already picked out the outfit I'm going to wear on the cover of my Christmas CD....which will be released in 2060.

I will probably look super smashing.
I will wear red lipstick, and no one will ever be able to guess my age.

My cheesecake is calling, and there is much music to be written before three bells tomorrow.
At some point, I should wrap some presents too.
Mark and Sam went to the mall tonight to get me a gift.  I can not wait to see what those two came up with.
It was especially entertaining when they came home, and Sam tried to get me engrossed in conversation so Mark could sneak whatever it was downstairs.
They are the definition of subtle.

Have a terrific Tuesday!!

(By the way....it is now 1:35 am....I have finally finished arranging and transcribing my music.  That only took 6.5 hours.
The good news is...it is officially Tuesday, so I will just post this little ditty now, and check one thing off my to-do list for tomorrow...well, today.
Or whatever now is.)

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