Sunday, December 21, 2014

O Christmas Tree

We have established that I have reached "break-down" mode.
It is now public knowledge that if anything else is piled on my "plate" I will not be held responsible for my behavior or reaction to any request made of me.

I think it has been implied that any financial issues I may be creating for myself will be dealt with after the first of the year.
Until then, we will simply smile, and carry on.
Today, I woke up, and refused to let the color "blue" enter my aura.
Oh no....I was going to have a day filled with yellows and pinks.
It was going to be happy, happy, happy!

I took a nice bubble bath...put on my Fergalicious boots...had a cookie for breakfast, and was on my way!
Oh, and I even painted my nails a festive shade of red!
Off I went to a Christmas piano recital.  (A couple of my students were playing.)
I was smiling, enjoying a Christmas CD in my car...when a text came in.
I pulled into the parking lot, and decided to check my phone quick before going into the recital hall.
It was from Mark:  "Oh....I told you my parent's were coming for Christmas...right?

(Cue: Commercial break.
Meditative breathing...Ommmm....
It's a good thing I have a box of kleenex in the car.
Because the damn weeping began....again.
I have to be honest with you.  I LOVE our quiet Christmases with just the four of us.  No pressure, no need to engage in conversation for hours when you just want to veg out, NO STRESS.
After the recital, one of the other teachers and I were talking.
He asked if I was all ready for Christmas.
I gave him 'the look,' and filled him in on my exciting Christmas news.
Before I left, he said "try not to kill your husband before Christmas."
I gave him 'the look' again.
He then said...."oh, right.  Well, try to stay out of prison then."
I stopped, and pondered.
I would guess they might have WIFI?
If I was allowed my phone and computer...and had my own room.....
I look good in long as the stripes are horizontal.  An hour outside...I could exercise and lose some weight.
This sounds GREAT!!
And then he planted a brilliant little seed.
He laughed, and said 'I can see it now...."Stripes" the musical."
Right?!!  Oh...the dance numbers.  And the heart wrenching ballads.
This show is going straight to Broadway.
In other news, we finally got a tree.

We decided not to get our typical 100 foot monster.
No...this year we went to some strange little lot where you put your money in a lock box.  I wonder how many people rip the poor guy off.
I will admit, I was a teeny bit tempted to pay a little less than the sticker price...since our tree is FAR from "freshly cut."  But, then I thought..."this guy is trying to make a living I will pay him full price for my sad little tree."
It felt good. :)

Of course, we have no where to actually put the darn for now, it is literally standing in the middle of the living room.
I guess I will be rearranging furniture after church tonight.
Just what I was hoping to do! :-/ house looks almost exactly like the picture I shared with you the other day.

Yep...almost there!  I just need to paint my walls white. 
That should do it.
Oh....and rent a bulldozer to get the rest of the crap out of there.
THEN we will be in business.
I guess my tree kind of looks similar?
They are both a little wonky and cute.

Eh...I have a couple days.  I'm SURE my house will be magazine worthy in no time. (she says with a snort.)

Well...that furniture is not going to move itself...and Lord knows that stupid tree will stay right in the middle of the room until all the needles fall off if I don't move things now.

I know you will be waiting with bated breath for pictures of my winter wonderland.
Just don't hold your would be a sad Christmas for your family, and I am not a miracle worker.
Oh....I still haven't found those stupid return address labels.

Happy Sunday!

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