Saturday, December 27, 2014

Gearing Up


I have been thinking a lot about my 'goals'.
All of the things I either want to do or change in the new year.
Quite honestly, there really isn't anything new on my list.
Each year, the same issues tend to be there...and each year, I haven't really done anything to turn these things around.
I know my biggest hurdle is myself.
If I am really excited about something....I will make it happen.
But typically...the things that I want to change in my life never make it on to my list of "Things I Am REALLY Excited About!"
Usually, that list contains things that I want to pursue....and can achieve rather quickly.
For instance:  I may decide I really want to switch things up in a room in my house.  So, I will find a way to save up the money I need, and then hunt down exactly what I am looking for to transform that room into exactly what I want.

Or, maybe I want a different car.  So...I will figure out a way to make that happen.

Or....perhaps I want to put on some big concert for whatever reason.  So....I will make that happen.
These sorts of things are easily attained...and I enjoy the process.
However, the same does not apply to the goals I have year after year.
I do NOT enjoy trying to lose 20-30 pounds...and keep it off.
I do not enjoy attempting to keep my house spotless and organized.
(I would enjoy it if it WERE spotless an organized!)
I do not enjoy sticking to a strict budget.

These things I NEED to do...but my follow through is horrible...because I am not motivated to do them.  Even though being successful would make me really happy, and I know I would feel so much better....the process is difficult, and I am such a pushover when it comes to that little voice in my head.
I am SO good at justifying every dumb move I make.
Just last night, after I shoved three cookies in my mouth, I said to myself "'s okay.  You don't have to be good until January 1."
Well...I have been saying that for over 30 years now.  A lot of good that has done.
So, my objective is to find get excited about the things that typically do not really excite me at all.
And, to make a plan....not just a list.

I also want to move beyond my life revolving around my weight, or how clean my house is, or if I am sticking to my budget.
I think a big part of being successful in these everyday tasks (struggles!) has a lot to do with how good you feel...on the inside.
Winter can be a rough season for a lot of us.  It's cold, it's dark, and it's long.  
For me, it is really easy to fall into old habits.  It's easy to close myself off from the world, and hide in my bed....which is the opposite of what I need to be doing.
So, my goals for this year will encompass not just working on the outside of me...but also working on the inside too.

I found an article on the Components of Mindful living that I will share with you.

Becoming an observer.  Practicing non-judgmental awareness of the present moment.
"For as he thinks in his heart, so is he."
Proverbs 23:7

Living from the heart and soul, not from unhealthy coping skills and ego.
Embracing all moments in life for learning, seek personal truth and acceptance.
A responsive and proactive head-space, not reacting or on auto-pilot.
Accepting the imperfect, unnecessary kindness, love in action, forgiveness.
Why Mindful Living?
Mindfulness is THE healthy coping skill, which takes the place of self-destructive behaviors.

"Be very careful about what you think, your thoughts run your life."
Proverbs 4:23

How do you start?

Forgive the past
Let go of expectations
Focus on your breath
Engage the senses
Observe the present moment
Release any judgement
Practice gratitude
Reflect before responding
I often find it is so easy to get wrapped up in all of the things we have to do, in all of the things that are causing us to worry, or feel stress, or make us ask "why me?!"
No matter where we are, or who we encounter in life...there will always be people who are so much better off than we are...and there will always be people who, from their perspective, could never even imagine having all that we have.
It really is all a matter of perspective.
I know when I was forking out check after check for those car repairs over the past couple of weeks, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.
I was thinking about how this would be pocket change for some of our family members, but it was eating up our entire mortgage payment for the month for us.
But then I stepped back.  And I read over all of the components listed above, I realize how silly it is to think in such a close minded manner.

And great "Transformation of 2015" is going to start with my way of thinking....or maybe I should say....will build on my way of thinking, as this is something I have been working on already.
And next....the great junk food purge.
I guess I know what will be on the menu until Jan 1!
Time to clear out all of the cupboards!
I have a feeling my kids won't mind eating snacks most of next week.
Have a super Saturday!

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