Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Wonderland

And finally.......
A Christmas miracle.
Two, actually.
1. My in-laws apparently are NOT coming for Christmas anymore.
(We will be seeing them the day after Christmas I'm not sure why this was even a potential plan??  Wait a minute...when I was attempting to put the long, curly willow branches I bought in the car on Saturday, my husband said to me "You know, sometimes it is really fun to just sit and watch you struggle." (I guess I do this often?) Maybe he told me they were coming so he could watch me have a complete melt-down....because that's fun...hmmm..)
2.  I have officially created Winter Wonderland.
(and I should mention that I was typing in green until I wrote "Winter Wonderland"...and realized that the two just could not work I have switched over to blue.  And I suddenly have "Let It Go....Let It Go...." playing in my head.
Must be the blue.
Which makes me think of ice.
Which makes me think of frozen things.
Which makes me think of Frozen.
You following me here?
Back to my wonderland.
So....this was yesterday.  Remember?  Tree in the middle of the room.

I like it better over here. :)

Up close. Only silver and turquoise were allowed this year.  
With a tiny splash of red. (See the little cardinal?)

I bought myself an early Christmas present.  I have been wanting one of these faux sheepskin throws forEVER.  It makes my couch extra snuggly.

Isn't it all warm and cozy and magical?
Well....I could sit here and let you believe that my whole house is a Christmas haven...and I'm tempted to do just that, but you know I am gonna tell it like it is.
Maybe you should take another look at the nice pictures before you read on.

I'll wait.

If only I had one of those room divider thingys like they have in gyms and churches.  I could just pull that closed, and shut myself in my little cocoon of clean and tidy.
But, is my reality.
Beyond Christmas Happy the Land of No Return.

Good Lord. 
Maybe I will just take a match to it, and call it a day.
Why on earth did I buy an "open concept" house?!
I miss having lots of rooms...rooms that are good at hiding all the crap I don't know what to do with.
This house is like one big dumping ground.
You walk in the front door, and my entire, completely unorganized, slobby mess of a life is on display for all to see (and judge and criticize behind my back.)
I'm sure the only people who judge my mess are perfectly perfect, and have every right to tsk, and shake their heads at my poor housekeeping skills.
I bet I could totally beat them at foosball though.
Take that, Miss Perfectly Perfect!! 
So, I figure I have a day to make the rest of my house look lovely, arrange a couple pieces of music, put binders together for the Christmas craziness I have to play for, actually finalize what exactly it is I am going to play for that craziness, get groceries, do laundry, finish Christmas shopping, and wrap everything.
That shouldn't be a problem.
Maybe if I just drink wine the entire time I am doing all this stuff, I will actually think I am getting it all done.
Have you ever noticed that "Do You Hear What I Hear" sounds an awful lot like "We Are the World"  (during the "a child...a child, sleeping in the night, he will bring us goodness and light..." part.  It sounds just like "there are people dying"...and whatever the words are after that.)
I mention this, because I am listening to Jim Brickman's Christmas CD, and was thinking to myself "Why the hell is "We Are the World" on here?"
Then I realized what it really was.
Now we all know.
Aren't you glad you have me to figure these things out for us?
I played for the choir concert at Logan High School today.
The Freshman girls sang a piece called something like "Listen As the Snowflakes Fall."
It had a phrase that was exactly the same melody as the beginning of "On Broadway."  'They say the neon lights are bright...on Broadway..."
Remember that old gem?
Well, that was all I could think about whenever I played it.
I even had a dream about it last night.
I was guffawing with some old coots from church about how silly it was.
Yes.  This is what my life has come to.
I dream about gabbing with old men about dumb songs.

I need a hobby or something.

However, before I find one of those (hobbies) I need to keep plugging away at my war zone.
Maybe I will even be able to post pics of another pretty space tomorrow. Hopefully it will be more than the coat closet, or the kitchen table top. Although, at this point...I would actually be happy with either of those!

Oh, and if anyone knows how to slow down time...or actually bring it to a complete halt....I could use about three extra days before Christmas.
That would be great.

Wishing you a melt-down free Monday.

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