Friday, December 5, 2014

Marco Polo

I am going to apologize in advance for today's post.
My mind has been filled with random thoughts all day for some reason, and I'm afraid that is all that I am going to conjure up for your reading pleasure.
Here we go.
My thyroid test results came in today.
Completely normal.  This is the one test I was hoping would be "off the charts" abnormal.  But, of course....I'm just fine.
Now I have to find something else to blame for my fat.
Mark decided to partake in the fundraiser his band is doing.  He came home today with an entire case of candy bars.
I now have 60 bars of temptation (well hidden from our children) screaming my name at any given moment.
I suppose I could blame Mark for my fat.
So, am I losing my mind, or are these "winter finales" all of my favorite shows are having a new thing?
(New, as in the last few years.)
There has always been the "season finale," when they take a break over the summer, and came back in the fall...but what is with this winter finale crap?
I mean, I can see how filming 10-12 shows over the course of what...6 months?... can be utterly exhausting.
And when you are only being paid somewhere between $25,000 and $1,000,000 per episode...I understand how you wouldn't want to overextend yourself.
I mean, really...if that is all you are making, of course you aren't going to work from September through May!!
I think the rest of us working class peeps should get that same schedule.
If we have to watch re-runs....we should get some sort of perk, right?
I think vacation time would work just fine for me. :)
I had this crazy idea a couple weeks ago....remember that one week when I was being healthy?  I thought, " that you are almost healthy (after eating well for three days) maybe you should think about weaning yourself off some of the meds you are on?  Maybe adjusting your diet is all you need to keep you happy and sane....not those pills. You could be naturally blissful and well balanced!  
Well, I tried lowering my dosage slightly.  Then yesterday, I cut it completely in half.
I am starting to think that might be why I was FEELING so know...having all of those EMOTIONS.  
I, of course, didn't realize it at the time.  I was too wrapped up in my FEELING.
And I was listening to so much BEAUTIFUL music!
I tried it again today.  
And then, I got a horrible headache, felt nauseous, and was dizzy.
I came home between my two rehearsals, and Mark had made dinner.
During that 25 minutes, I lost my phone...and while looking desperately for my phone, I lost my cheeseburger.  Once I found my cheeseburger....I couldn't find my water bottle.
Four hours later....I found my phone.
Plugged into the charger.
Tomorrow I will be going back to the full dose.
Why do black seedless grapes have seeds in them?
Three seeds, to be exact.
They are my favorite grape variety....I love that there is no tartness to them...and they are typically very nice and firm.
I like a grape that you can kind of "crunch" into.
I do get annoyed with those damn seeds, though.
Unless one of my kids is nearby, and being annoying.
Then I just spit the seeds in their direction. there anything more fun than pissing off a teenager?
My two little darlings just rolled in about 15 minutes ago.
They had show choir rehearsal, so they were tired.
However, my daughter (who is typically super talkative after rehearsal) just stomped in, all cranky faced, and made her way noisily down the stairs.
Mom:  "What's wrong honey?"
Kid:  "NOTHING."
Mom: "Well, why do are you acting so crabby then?"
Mom: "Good talk, honey...good talk."
I love parenting.
Have you noticed a lack of graphics today?
That is because searching for the perfect pictures adds a good hour to my writing time...and it is late and I am tired!
I will, however leave you with the picture that is sitting on my desk, staring back at me the entire time I am at the computer.
Don't tell Mark....he doesn't know about us!
(You will have to ignore the "crease."  Mark tried to throw him away once.  I made him go and dig him out of the garbage. lol) ;)
We will refer to this beauty as Marco.
That way, my Mark will probably think we are actually talking about him....
excellent plan, right?

And with that, have a very happy Friday. :)

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