Sunday, January 4, 2015

A step in the right direction..

I love this color.
In case you were wondering.
So, here we are....the last day before reality hits again.
(At least that is the case for those of us with kids who were on Christmas break, or those who are teachers, or who live with teachers, or whoever else likes to refer to Monday as reality!)
For me, the routine starts back up, and the lessons I teach resume.
I have to admit, I have LOVED having two weeks with nothing but my church job to worry about.
Especially since many of the Masses I played for involved singing some of the gorgeous Christmas music I have been working on with my daughter and a good friend.  (I'm getting as much mileage out of our new "greatest hits" as I possibly can!!)
Last night, the three of us sang together again....and I must have really been needing some soul filling, because it really did that for me.
Apparently it did the same for some people listening too.
I had a gentleman come up to me afterward and tell me how much my music means to him.
Now, I will often have people swing by the piano and say "I loved that song you did tonight," or "you girls sounded great!" but this was different.
He didn't just drop a nice compliment and run...he really poured out his heart to me.  It was one of those situations where I was both so touched by everything he was saying, but also embarrassed, because I am horrible at taking compliments, and when a person goes on and on with one, I'm not sure how to act.  (I just stood there and said "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!")
Finally, I just said "Let me give you a hug!" for lack of knowing what else to do!
What meant the most to me was when he said "every time I come here and here you play, my spirit is lifted."
Why am I telling you about this?
Because I found his words so interesting....for every time I play, my spirit is lifted.
Some days, it is just really nice to be reminded that you really are doing what you were meant to do. 

I have made it my purpose over the past couple of years to focus on streamlining my life.  To let go of the things that were weighing me down, and only take on things that I enjoyed or that fed my soul.
I have written about this quite a bit.
This is an ongoing process, and something I continue to work toward.
Since I am on my big "New Year's Evolution" kick, I have decided to shift gears a little bit, and widen my focus.
I have really tried to pay attention to my mental and emotional health...but I always seem to leave my physical health by the wayside.
Pretty dumb idea, since I'm not going to be much use to anyone if I'm in terrible physical shape.
So, that's going to start to play into the picture this year.
I need to find a "Mind/Body/Spirit" balance.
I think that is the one thing I have been lacking.
I lose weight, and feel great about myself physically, but I am an emotional wreck.
I get it together emotionally, and work through old demons that have plagued me in the past, but I gain back all that weight, and feel awful physically.
Or the worst:
I gain the weight, am an emotional wreck, and fall into depression, and am mentally ready to throw in the bag.
I would like to have all three working on my side for once!

A crazy thing happened yesterday.
If you recall, I usually waste my Saturdays.
It looked like it was going to be yet another wasted day....especially since I somehow managed to sleep in until 11am.
However, I decided to take my three new books with me to the bathtub.
I started with the book on "tidying up."  (The author is Japanese...I think it is so cute that she always uses the word "tidy" rather than "clean.")  Then I paged through the book about finding your "spark" and being creative.  Both got me feeling a little motivated.  
I got ready, and then started making lists.  Long term projects, and things that needed to get done this week.
And suddenly, I found myself putting all the Christmas decorations away, and cleaning up the house.  (This usually doesn't happen until around Valentines Day, when it's just gotten to the point where having a Christmas tree is beyond ridiculous.)
Now that is taken care of, and I can get a good start on Monday, without having to bother with any of that.
I am not sure who this person is who has taken over my body...
but I think I like her.

Have a great Sunday!

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