Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stuck..but still stepping

Monday was a bust.
Don't you hate it when your plan doesn't pan out?
I didn't even self-sabatoage...which is typically why my Mondays go down in flames.
I stayed far away from my bed, and I never turned on the TV.
I even made a list...clipped coupons, and was well prepared before heading out to run errands.
My objective: to find a cute, yet functional file cabinet type thingy to put beside my desk, that would also serve as a shelf/table to set my printer on.
My desk is currently filled to capacity, both inside the drawers, as well as the space on top.
Since I am in my "get organized" phase, well, I'm trying to get organized...and make my work space look less cluttered.
So, I headed out into the frozen tundra, braving the cold and potential snow, on my quest for the perfect office furniture.
(I also needed other stuff...so I was on a mission.)
I recalled seeing some cute filing cabinets at TJMaxx not too long ago...so that is where I began.
I found a metal umbrella holder that will work beautifully as a wrapping paper container.
I found a faux fur throw that was on clearance, and makes my couch even MORE cozy.
I found truffles and my favorite mint chocolates on clearance (that I have no plans to tell anyone in my family about) that I can stash and have on hand for when chocolate emergencies may arise.
But I found NO filing cabinets, or anything that would work at all.
On to Target.
There HAD to be something at Target that would work.
There is ALWAYS something at Target.
I filled up my cart with cleaning supplies, and other various products we were out of, or things I had great coupons for that were worth stocking up on.
I found a couple bookshelves that could potentially work....but nothing that was perfect.
And I still needed to get groceries.
Not to mention the fact that this was my day to tackle the housecleaning and laundry.
So...I headed home to drop off this stuff...and decide what to do next.
Should I clean, or should I shop?
(I always look for a reason to NOT grocery shop.)
Of course, knowing we were supposed to get snow, the thought of having no food in the house, and having to trudge through the cold AND snow
the next day sounded even less appealing than going now.
Then I looked at the time.
How on earth was it already 2:00?!!
I opted to start cleaning, and would make Mark shop with me later.
(If you bring a shopping partner, you don't have to carry the groceries in alone!)
20 minutes into my cleaning, I get a text:
"Mom...can you pick us up after school?"
(It never fails.)
30 minutes later, I was back in the car...picking up my spoiled children who hate riding the bus.
Since we were driving by the grocery store anyway...we stopped, and got that mess out of the way.
$300 later (AGH!) we were on our way home.
I should NEVER take them with me.  The bill is always at least $50 more when they come along.
I realize this when I start unpacking horrendous things like those nasty orange circus peanuts, and fruit roll ups, and weird cereals.  Obviously, while I am off getting what we need...they are adding what they want to the cart.
Circus peanuts?!  Gross.
The point:
My house is still a disaster...only now there is even more stuff in it.
But, on the bright side, we have food.
Including those disgusting circus peanuts.
Rather than use my free evening to catch up on the housework I didn't get done during the day, I opted to watch TV instead.
This didn't exactly work to my advantage, because I wound up falling asleep on the couch at 7:00.
Taking at nap at 7pm is never a good idea.
Especially if your plan is to "get a good night's sleep, and start fresh again tomorrow!"
So, here I am, once again sitting at the computer at midnight, wondering if there will ever come a day when I get my #$*^ figured out.
Considering the fact that I am 42 years old, and I haven't 
done so yet, I'm guessing that the answer is 
"no, not likely."
But...I can accept my fate.
I will continue to plug along...and maybe one of these days, something will click.
Until then, the "self-help book" industry will continue to make a mint off of me,
and my sleep schedule will continue to be erratic.
However, those baby steps I'm taking keep moving forward, not backward...
so every step is a step in the right direction.
Somedays I may only walk a few steps....but today...I might run.

Have a great Tuesday!

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