Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Headaches and Housework

Monday, I battled with time...
Tuesday arrived....with a gigantic headache.
Actually, I have had one for the past week or so.
Most of them have been the kind I can get rid of in a few hours...after some major drugging, lots of hydrating, a hot bath, and food.
They don't go away completely...but they are manageable.
Tuesday's headache decided to just hang on.
And brought along with it just an all over feeling of yuck.
I have no time for yuck right now.
I have things to get done.
I decided I would just hop in the tub right away...and hopefully I would just feel better.
That didn't work at all.
Laying down wasn't an option.
This house had to be worked on...or I would, indeed, lose my mind.
I started picking away at it...and had some moments of feeling completely overwhelmed.
At one point, I just sat on the floor, and cried to the dogs about it.
They listened patiently...but offered no advice, or help, for that matter.
So, I carried on.
Each time I felt like I was going to keel over and die, I would grab my water bottle, sit for a the "head between the knees" thing if necessary, (I knew if I passed out, my dogs would be of absolutely no help, so that wasn't an option either.)
Eventually...HOURS later, I started making some progress.
Or at least...I could SEE the progress I was making.
Thank God, because I needed a calm space in this house, or I was going to lose my mind.

I haven't seen the top of the table for two weeks.

Now...if only I could solve my "work area" issue.
(There will be no pictures of that disaster today.)
Baby steps, right?
Isn't it interesting how feeling under the weather messes with your motivation mojo?

Speaking of weather....the big discussion in my house is the temperature for Wednesday.
And, of course....the big question:
"Do you think they will cancel school?!"

That was the one perk when we lived in Prairie du Chein.....we got lots of snow days!  (Yes, teachers love them as much as the kids do!)
Well, we did, anyway.

Then, we moved to the cities....where it could be -90, and there could be 20 feet of snow...and we would still have school.
That sucked.
I guess by the time I post this...we will have our answer.
I know I will have three very happy people in my house if it is a YES.
Lexie is currently in her bed feeling crappy maybe a snow day wouldn't be such a bad thing.
I think we all need a recovery day from our Christmas break.
All I know is that if these people I live with are home today...they better not mess up what I spent all day cleaning....or they will really wish that they were in school.
Have a great Wednesday....and stay warm!

*And the update is in:  My home will indeed be invaded by a husband and two teenagers today.  I may lock myself in my disaster of a "craft/laundry" room and see if I can make some progress down there...where no one can find (bother) me. ;)

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