Monday, January 12, 2015

Starting Again

Another Monday.
We all know I like my Mondays.
However, this one starts a three week cycle of I am not quite as thrilled about it as I typically am.
I would have been perfectly happy with a whole month of "not-so-crazy" after the insanity of December, but I guess that is not to be.

One positive is that I have burned through all of the "Castle" episodes I had DVR' that little distraction is gone.
This will definitely help me be more productive...(unless I find something else to distract me.)

Mark and I were discussing the interesting phenomenon of the passage of time.
When we were kids....time dragged on like nobody's business.
Having a whole day to play outside allowed you any number of wild adventures.
A school day felt like a whole week's torture (even more so when I was teaching!!) ;)
But now....I wake up, get ready, and suddenly the day is half over.
If I get involved in any sort of project (or Castle episode(s)) I can sit down at 1:00, and suddenly the kids are walking in the door after school, and it's starting to get dark out.
(And I wonder why my jeans are all getting too tight.  Duh.)

Where does the time go?
I can easily lose an entire day, and have accomplished nothing more than emptying the dishwasher and making dinner.
(And that dinner might consist of a frozen pizza and steam fresh veggies...fresh from the microwave.)

How does that happen?  Especially when I have been running around all day...which means I have been busy, right?

I must be really good at keeping busy, but getting nothing done.
I have such enviable talents, don't you think? :-/
Well, one of the things I like about Mondays is that it gives us a chance to start over again.  Lord knows I can always use a fresh start.
So, rather than solving all of the world's problems in the next seven days, I think I will attempt to just get a grasp on some of the things that will make my life a little easier.
For instance, finishing up the laundry/craft I have a place to move the stuff from the spare bedroom that will soon become the "work-out room."
We finally bought a treadmill (it is currently in a huge box, sitting in our back entry area, making it almost impossible to actually squeeze through that area, much less attempt to do anything like carry backpacks or groceries in from the garage.)

Handy and convenient, right?

Mark's back is still hurting, so your guess is as good as mine, as far as when we will actually get the darn thing downstairs.
Maybe that is a good thing...because I would like to get rid of the horrible wolf wallpaper border that is currently gracing that room, not to mention painting the  rather dreary dark blue walls. (They coordinate so beautifully with the hunter green carpeting.  I kid you not when I say that the prior owners had very nice, light, neutral carpet installed throughout the lower level....except in the "wolf room."  There, they decided to match the walls and carpet to the lovely "north woods wolf" border, hence the blue walls and green carpet.
(Don't you worry...I will post before/after pics.)
Of course, the carpet is in perfect condition, so I can't justify ripping it out.
We also found pink and white sponge painting behind the refrigerator in the kitchen.
I should mention that the kitchen has maple and cherry cabinets, and black and gray speckled granite countertops....and this is an open concept home.

Here is a pic...just so you can try to imagine pink and white sponge painted walls. 
Who would EVER spongepaint the kitchen pink??
I wonder if they had Strawberry Shortcake curtains?
Some people should just not be allowed to decorate.
We won't even discuss the wallpaper we stripped in all the bathrooms.
Anyway...since I am taking baby steps...I will keep my goals reasonable. it is:
Monday's goal:
Wake up before 10am.
Hey, what can I say?  If I accomplish this...who knows, maybe I will even move on to goal #2! (Once I figure out what that is.)
The key is to just keep moving forward.....even if it's teeny tiny baby steps, 


Have a great Monday!

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