Friday, January 16, 2015

Superwoman...for a day.

In case you were wondering...I was super-woman yesterday.
I might even go make myself a cape. 
I was up before 10. (I had to be at rehearsal by I really didn't have a choice.)
I was home by 9, and on my way, was informed that my 1:00 meeting was cancelled.
That left me with seven whole hours of TIME.
I have to admit...I was very tempted to curl up on the couch with the dogs and watch all the shows I need to catch up on.
(I really need to kick this TV thing.  It's a pretty recent addiction.)
However, I made myself head down to the dungeon of doom instead.
It actually was no longer overwhelming, since I spent an entire audio book and 1/2 on it the other day.
(Do you ever measure time or progress by audio book(s)?)
Ironically, I put the last thing in place just at Angels and Demons came to an end.
You know you have a disaster when it takes Tom Clancy AND Dan Brown to tackle a project.
I wish I had taken more "before" pictures....because it was embarrassingly horrendous.
This room really is ground zero at our house though.
It's the room that is used the the very back of the lower level of the house.
There are no windows, so unless you enjoy the feeling of being in a cave, or bomb shelter, it isn't super appealing.
What it has become is our dumping ground.
If you don't know what to do with throw it in that room.
However, when it's all organized, it is actually a pretty great place.
I just need to Bethify it now.
Here is the original disaster.

I am actually shocked that I even bothered to start this.  Typically, this would have been too overwhelming, and I would have filled with anxiety, started either crying or throwing things...and chosen to take a nap.
Rest assured that the ENTIRE room looked like this...even though I didn't capture it in photos. 
And now...the (take a deep breath) after:

Now...all I need is about 36 more audio books so I can take care of the rest of the house. 
The nice thing about spending two full books cleaning a laundry room is that it is super convenient to do laundry while you are working.
(It's probably the only time I find doing laundry super convenient.)
So, I now have nice, freshly laundered sheets and blankets on my bed.
You know how you typically run back and forth about 37 times, from one side of the bed to the other, while putting sheets on?  Especially on a king sized bed, because there is no way to reach across that thing.
Whenever I go into my bedroom (or pretty much anywhere) my chihuahua Riley follows me.
I usually don't pay a whole lot of attention, but today I realized that he literally follows me back and forth each time I go from one side of the bed to the other.
I'm not sure if he is worried he might lose me, if he thinks he is helping, or if he thinks we are going to take a nap, and I can't decide which side of the bed to hop up on.
At any rate....he is adorable.

Both my husband and I have super cute bedside tables.  I hunted for the perfect shabby chic pieces that were not matching, but still looked really fabulous together.
In my perfect world, we would just have a cool old clock, a lamp, and maybe a vintage book sitting on them.
In my reality, they are piled with crap.  I have SO many books and magazines and crossword puzzles and God knows what else that I usually have a huge pile on the floor too, after half of the stuff falls off.
Anyway, as I was tucking in Mark's side, I noticed this:
Yes.  Those are wads of chewed gum.
This is funny for two reasons.
1. My husband reads educational books.  About music. For fun.
I think the only book he has ever read that was simply for entertainment was Tom Brokaw's biography (or autobiography?)
I don't know...I read trashy romance novels.
As for the gum....there is a rule at our house.
If you want to even have half a chance at getting any better have minty fresh breath.
(This is my rule, by the way....probably rather obvious at this point.)
Don't even bother to come near me if you are stinky.
Apparently my poor husband has been very hopeful.
I guess he must pop a piece in when he hops in bed (since I say "I'll be right in") and then just spits it out and sticks it on his book when he realizes I'm actually going to sit on the couch and watch two more episodes of Castle.
Note to self: Buy Mark a garbage can.
Oh, by the way....I've decided that I probably wouldn't make a very good shepherd.
I was thinking about the logistics of it...and I am really more of an indoor kind of girl...unless the weather is really nice.
There are just too many variables with that job.
So...back to the drawing board.

Have a great Friday!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ruth! You saw the disaster in person....this is my post Christmas miracle. LOL

  2. Great Job on the "dungeon" Beth! I need to tackle my Craft Closet has exploded all over my dining room. Oh, along with the rest of my house too... Think I will try the audio book trick... Hugs!

    1. Sheila,
      I think crafts have secret explosive devices built into them. They never stay contained, that's for sure. I have to wonder if it's a good or a bad thing that I have this huge room dedicated for my "stuff." It's great when it's all put together. Horrible when the explosions occur! I am a big fan of the audio book is the only thing that keeps me focused for big chunks of time. Definitely worth a try. That, and lots of caffeine....and a big box of crackers. ;)