Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sequins and (In)Sanity

This is going to be short...and I am not sure if it will be sweet (because I am just writing as I your guess is as good as mine.)
It is the big show choir invitational this weekend...and we are completely immersed in show choir land.
(This is what happens when your kids decide that show choir is their destiny.)
My Friday involved close to 10 hours of rehearsal and performance at the choral competition. (Part of the weekend's exciting events.)
I did find another song I want at my funeral while listening to one of the choirs.  This is good, since I have been accumulating music, and compiling a folder.

(I'm not kidding...I really do have a folder.)

I was thinking tonight that I might be best if I end up with some terminal disease...just so I have time to put together my funeral choir, and can rehearse them.
Of course, I would rather just die in my sleep...but the music I have selected is pretty challenging, and it isn't something that can just be thrown together (and I really want it done well.) Can you see the dilemma I am having here?
Ugh.  The things I have to deal with.
Don't tell Mark...but I need to share a funny moment with you.
On Thursday night, we were at the high school helping set up the gym for the competition.  (This meant he came home from work, and immediately went to work on the gym for the next 4.5 hours.)
It was about 10pm when we finished, and we hadn't had dinner yet, so we stopped at the grocery store on the way home.
We figured we would pick something up at the deli (our son was sending texts with his subtle "so, have you guys eaten yet?" approach to asking us to pick him up some food.)
Mark was also in dire need of some beer...I didn't blame him.
As we headed toward the check out, he turned to me and said "So, do we have anything going on tomorrow?"
I looked at him, wondering if he was being serious. (He was.)
I said "Well....tomorrow is Friday."
He abruptly stopped, and proceeded to have the biggest (and quite frankly, the funniest...and most profane) temper tantrum I have ever witnessed.
"WHAT?!!! You have got to be $^#&*(** kidding me!!!  I have to go to WORK TOMORROW??!!  IT isn't #(*#$^#( FRIDAY TODAY?!!!"

This went on for awhile.
It is good it was late, and there were no children present.
I was completely entertained, however.
About 20 minutes later, he said "You know....earlier today I thought it was Wednesday."  Am I losing my mind?"
Yes dear.  You probably are.

I can only imagine what today will bring.
If he thinks Friday was rough....I wonder what an entire day of show choir (not exactly his favorite past time) is going to do to him.
If we are really lucky, he will be delirious by the time it's all over...and he will be  entertaining us with his creative dance moves.
If you ever happen to be out with should ask him to show you his moves.  If you catch him in the right mood (aka: after a couple of drinks) he can put on quite a show. ;)
Come to think of it...I still have a video of his one and only karaoke performance on my phone.
It was actually pretty impressive.
Maybe even youtube worthy.
If anyone is looking for some super sparkly, big-haired, jazz handed entertainment today, you can find it (and us!) at the Onalaska High School!
Have a great Saturday!

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