Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Countdown to Love

I am ready for spring.
For some reason, this winter has been harder on me than most.
I'm not sure why....we haven't had to endure a ridiculous amount of extreme cold, nor have we had any big storms. (I kind of wish we would have a big least it would be something more exciting than the typical boring winter stuff we are currently having.)
What I do know, is that I have not been overly excited for much of anything since about October.  I barely managed to pull out any sort of seasonal decor, and I've pretty much just let any holiday that occurred pass me by.
My favorite holiday is coming this Saturday, and I have done NOTHING to prepare for it.
Well....I DID make cute little goodie bags for my piano students yesterday.

I have to tell you, having a well organized craft room is the best thing ever.
The fact that I was able to run down there and find not only these cute bags, but also my large heart punch, as well as my tiny little heart shaped hole punch (to put the ribbon through) as well as the ribbon, all within 1-2 minutes....well, it was fabulous.
I even had these tiny little ziplock baggies, so I could separate the candies inside the bags.
One might have believed that Martha Stewart had stopped by for a visit.
Then, one would have taken a look around the house, and realized that no, Martha definitely was no where to be found in this disaster.
SO, time is running out.
I have a pretty busy day today, and I think Mark is going to force me to come to the high school on Friday and practice with his band kids for solo/ensemble.
(Can we just talk about my extreme dislike of playing for solo/ensemble?)
Well...we will talk about that another day.
Lexie and I were discussing "what we should do for our men" for Valentine's day last evening.

Last year, we spent the better part of a day being crafty, and trying lots of ideas we found on pinterest.
I did the thing where I had cute notecards, and I wrote messages on them....then, on the envelope, it would have a description, like:
"Open when you could use a good laugh"
"Open if you need to be reminded how much you are loved"
that type of thing.
I must have written 12 or so of them.
I also did a whole theme basket, filled with candy, wine, liquor, and all the handmade stuff I had worked on that day.
Well....the candy and alcohol were a big hit.
Those envelopes are still sitting in the closet...most still have not been opened.
I am thinking I will not waste time trying to come up with any heart felt gestures this year.
As much as I would love to receive that sort of thing, it apparently does not hold the same sentiment for a man. 
(Why do we even try???)
Maybe I will just go buy him a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a bag of candy bars, and call my shopping DONE!
Actually, Lexie and I have big plans to make heart shaped brownies, cut out cookies, and chocolate covered strawberries.

It is going to be nothing but sugar-filled love in Lakmann-land!
My husband keeps asking me if I have any suggestions for gift ideas for him.
(Aka: What do I want for Valentine's Day?)
Since I will be taking care of filling the house with sugar-laden naughtiness....
I think I will ask for something much more practical.

Perfect, don't you think?!!

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