Sunday, February 8, 2015

Files and Fumes

My cute little yellow file cabinet thingy finally arrived.
Only it isn't a cute yellow at all.
It is definitely a mustard yellow.
I would have looked great in my last house.

I had much more of a "country chic" thing going on there.  And for several years, my walls were mustard, with a red accent wall.

Oh well.
I will just set it next to my gold/yellow chair, and pretend these two pieces have any business being in my house.

By the way....this old chair used to have a seat made out of the most fabulous fabric, which had a lot of aqua in it (which is why I bought it...because it DID work in my house!)  However, Bennett the wonder dog ate a big chuck of it, as well as the cute throw pillow that matched.
I searched for similar fabric, but to no avail.
Finally, I just cut up several layers of memory foam, made a seat cushion, and covered it in yellow and gray.
Not as fabulous, but it is REALLY comfy!!
At any rate, the file cabinet thing DID inspire me to tackle my mess of a desk.  Now, I have work space, rather than a huge pile of stuff on my left, and a messy  dish strainer full of files to my right!
Yes, I did say dish strainer.  The old vintage ones are PERFECT for files.  I have several.

(We will see how long this lasts!)
While I will admit, the rate in which I have been accomplishing things around here is MUCH slower than I would like (aka: the days keep getting away from me.) I have made a little progress.
I will blame all of the non-progress on an on-set of nasty headaches, and the fact that all of my favorite shows have started back up after a long winter break.
This makes for a very non-productive combination.
I started out with a bang last died quickly...but it was a great start.
I even have proof!
Here is the master disaster (bath) before!

And after (three garbage bags, and an entire day of scrubbing, throwing, rearranging, and hallucinating from cleaner fumes.)

Now that I think about wonder I had a headache for days.
Between bathroom cleaners on Monday, and then all of the dust I kicked up, and laundry detergent/dryer sheets I exposed myself to cleaning out the closet the following day....I set myself up for migraine land.
That does it.
I obviously should NOT be cleaning.
Ever again.
I hope you all enjoy your day.
I am off to tell my husband the wonderful news.

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