Sunday, September 28, 2014

Good Things

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happy Birthday to my niece India!  
(Sorry if I embarrass you India, but it's my job.)
So, India is gorgeous.  She is the one child out of the 12 kids my sisters and I have birthed from our loins that actually has dark hair AND dark eyes.  Like really dark hair and eyes.  My daughter always comments after a family gathering: "India should be a supermodel." (I'm sorry Emily...I know we want to keep this one humble and sweet.  I will stop now....well, in just a sec.)
Happy birthday India.  Yes, I stole a pic off your fb page.  I chose not to use one that you look 25 in, but rather, the beautiful 15 that you are. :)
(told ya she was a cutie) is one she looks 25 in.
And here is why she could be a super model.  Good Lord.

However, despite being ridiculously gorgeous, this girl is also hilarious, brilliantly sarcastic, (a quality I appreciate...a lot) artistic, musical, and a baking genius...and these are just a few of her amazing qualities. So there is that.

Sundays are my "GOOD THINGS" day, and India is definitely a "good thing." :)


I had hoped to spend today on a little adventure, that I would share with you.  However, I am tired, discontent, and cranky.  I think my day would be best spent pondering what the heck my problem is while I sit in the luxury of my bed. (aka: take a nap.)

I will, however, share some other good things with you, before I retreat to my cave.

Apple pie.  Because the fact that I eat a caramel apple everyday isn't quite enough.
and yes...I make mine fancy....this time I added flowers.  That is cinnamon, btw.  I didn't burn it. ;)

My bountiful garden.  
Need I say more?  I am very close to earning the title "Master Gardener."

My beginners yoga finally arrived!
plus a cardio video...for when I'm feeling extra ambitious

And even more importantly....everything in my yoga kit....along with the fabulous tote I ordered...
coordinates with my furniture.  Because this is VERY important.

No matter where I little fluff ball is ALWAYS there.
He knows I appreciate a soft foot stool. ;)

And my very favorite good thing of new shoes.
Now I have them in charcoal gray (I think this is my new favorite color)

Hilltopper purple.  (I have to support my kids school!) ;)

And is time for Ms. Grumpy Pants to take a nap.
^^^^Grumpy Pants^^^^

Happy Sunday Everyone!!   I hope your day is filled with GOOD THINGS!


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