Friday, October 3, 2014


Today is a special day.   It's one of those days that I have had my eye on for awhile.  You might think that I have something fun and exciting planned for today.  It's actually quite the opposite.
This is my day today:

I honestly can't think of anything I enjoy more than an empty box on my calendar.  
It usually looks like this

I am both a fan of the "old school" paper calendar, and of "crossing out the day" when it's over.  You may recall that office supplies were on my "temptations" list.  My calendar would fall under that category.  I love it.  I look forward to picking out a new one each year.  If I can't find it at any point during the week, I am screwed, because I have absolutely no idea where I am supposed to be, what I am supposed to be doing, and when it is supposed to happen.  The key to my entire life resides inside this one book.
It is a lovely book, however.  So that makes it ok.
 My husband stores his life on his phone.
I know that this is common for many a person.  I, however, will never be one of those persons...for several reasons:
1. I love paper.  
2. I love to write on that paper.
3. I don't trust technology 100%.
4. My phone is much smaller than my calendar, which makes it much easier to lose track of.
5. It takes twice as long to type words with my thumbs than it does to just write them down.
6. I have lots of great bags, in which to put my calendar.
7. I am pretty sure I was actually a bag lady in a former life.  And I don't mean a lady who sold bags, so even if I wanted to, I am incapable of leaving the house without several bags.  And I need to put something in my calendar.
8. My calendar will never have a dead battery.

So, what on earth will I do with an entire day of whatever I want?  I sat down with my "Want To-Do List," pondering the possibilities.  This could be the day I take on one of the bigger projects.  I could get all the grocery shopping done, and the meals planned, since this weekend is going to be a bit of a nightmare.  (Let's get nightmare.)
Next week, everything is going to kick into overdrive.  The lessons I teach at home start, rehearsals at the schools I accompany at begin, and I have weddings every weekend to play for.  Concerts, senior shows, meetings, appointments, extra church name it, it is happening this month.

So, on this one magical day of nothing, I think I am going to add to my "Want To-Do List" an extra task:
"Whatever my little heart desires."

Who knows?  Maybe I will suddenly feel like organizing the pantry!  However, if I don't,  and I choose to light some candles, grab a big fluffy blanket, and spend the day snuggling with the dogs and a good book, well, then I think I will have accomplished exactly what was supposed to get done today.   

Sometimes we need to create our own calm before the storm!

Have a wonderful (and relaxing) Friday!

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