Thursday, October 2, 2014

What do YOU Want?

I'm officially "linked up."  The "31 Day Challa'nge" (it's French now) begins.

Today started like every other day.  5:58AM hits...and it's the end of my peaceful slumber.  
I, of course, do not have to get up for a couple of hours.  I could get up now...but why on earth would I want to?  My husband is not aware of the fact that there are ways to go about ones morning routine in a less barbaric manner.  I am pretty sure he thinks he is doing a good job of "being quiet."  He begins by turning on the hall light, which shines directly onto my side of the bed.  Often times, he will add the bathroom light, and closet light...both of which are also on my side of the bed.  Then, comes the delightful "choosing of the garments."  His side of the closet is on the wall directly behind our headboard. From what I can gather, his shirts actually reach out to him, beckoning him "wear me! Wear ME!!" So, he must have to bat them off...causing the hangers to slam into the wall, over and over again.  This really is a lovely addition to the bright lights that are currently blinding me, as I attempt to ignore him and go back to sleep.  It is a bit frustrating for all of us.

When he finally left, I did manage to sleep again.  Obviously, this challenge was heavy on my mind, as my dreams, once again, led me down strange paths.  The first, literally, involved a path that loomed dangerously close to an edge that just dropped off...with no bottom in sight.  Of course, there were people who were just leaning over the side, trying to see what was down there, completely freaking me out.  (I am assuming this has something to do with the "edge that I was perilously dangling over" yesterday.)  Then, I was transported to my church choir rehearsal.  Seemingly safe and innocent.  Except the church had been rearranged, and tiered, and now there were ridiculously high tables and chairs.  And my Alzheimer's laden mother, who has become more and more bent with scoliosis, decided that she was going to jump from table to table (extremely unsteady tables, I might add) to go grab her water bottle on the other side of the room.  Seriously?!!
So much for once again attempting to "ease into the day in a relaxing manner."  
Then I looked at the clock.  9:30.  So far, this whole "conquer the world and kick some butt in October" has turned into "over sleep and become a complete disaster."

No time for yoga this morning.  I have a meeting at 11:30.  My house is a disaster (again), I need to write this post, and a bath would be a lovely idea.  
I cut up my last caramel apple. (Don't you worry...I am going to buy more.)  Mixed up my Spark, and headed for the tub, a little anxious about having another miserable bubble bath experience.
But I didn't. 
First of all...I used a much less ugly glass for my Spark today.

Then, instead of looking forward at the mess, I turned my phone around, and took a picture of what was behind me.  And it didn't look so bad.
(There is a pic of my dad and me when I was a baby.  That always makes me smile.)

And then I looked up and my painting of the "bathing beauties"...which I LOVE.

I saw this painting in a magazine and fell in love.  My brilliant husband said "why don't you see if you can buy it?"  To which I guffawed and said "Yeah!  For a million dollars!"  To my surprise, the artist sold prints of it.  Maybe I should listen to the guy more often!

Then a miracle occurred. I realized what my problem was. (I kind of always knew what my problem was...but a solution presented itself.)
I hate being told what to do.  Notice those last two words?  "TO-DO."  My "31 Day Challenge is "Taking on the "To-Do" List."  Can we see the problem here?  
And oh yes...there is one heck of a "TO-DO" list:
When I look at this list, all I see is "HAVE TO-DO"....and I want to poke my eyes out.  Or throw myself off a cliff.  Or sleep until 9:30 and then get up and be crabby and do nothing all day.

Until it hit me.  Make a "WANT TO-DO" list.  
Quite frankly, everything on this list is something I want to get done.  I just don't want to have to do it.  And I don't want to have to do it on a schedule.  So.....I am officially changing my challenge to "Taking on the "WANT TO-DO LIST"
Some days I might want to sit in bed and watch TV....and that's ok!  (As long as I don't do it for 31 days.)

Today, my friend Sharon is coming over so we can plan.  We are going to find some things we WANT to do this month to help with our weight loss goals.  I suppose I might need to assess my caramel apple intake.  Or maybe I will just give up something else instead.  Or maybe, tomorrow, I will actually get out of bed and do some YOGA!

I'm feeling better already.

Have a fantastic Thursday!

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