Monday, October 6, 2014

Playing the Part

Let me start by admitting that it is Sunday afternoon...and I am writing post on Monday.  Now that we have that out there....all of this will make more sense. :)

Today is recital day.  Both of my kids made it into the "Honors Recital" at the studio they study piano at.
They are playing a duet together, and Lexie also made it in with her solo.
I think this is fantastic, since it is an honor to be in the Honors recital....but I have something to admit to you.
I do not enjoy piano recitals.
To top it off, the duet and solo will be performed in two SEPARATE recitals, so I will have the pleasure of spending the ENTIRE afternoon/early evening in the recital hall.
I should also mention that I work at this I would need to be there whether or not my kids were in the recital or not.
I know, it's horrible that I am a piano teacher who hates piano recitals.  But it's true.  The first step is to admit it.
The second issue is that this is all going to occur during my nap time.  Any good church musician knows that you don't mess with the Sunday afternoons of a church lady.  Those naps are golden...and crucial to the success of the rest of my week, and the lives of the people around me.
Going on.
Since I am an excellent mother, I came home and thought "Ooh, I will whip up a hearty little casserole so my kiddos will have nice full bellies before they head off to perform their little hearts out."  I had even prepped the chicken last night, so it was already sautéed, and waiting in the fridge.  (Because I am always prepared.)
I put all the ingredients together, tossed it in the oven, and patted myself on the back.  
I then asked what time the kids needed to leave to get to the hall on time.
2 minutes before the damn casserole would be done baking.

Now, I am home alone with the casserole. (I am leaving closer to the actual recital time....I have no desire to add an extra hour to my afternoon torture.)
My kids left without eating. (I don't think they even had breakfast...since they slept until 11.)
Lexie did grab a bag of pretzels, so that should hold them over until....6pm when they are finally finished.
My husband headed out to the theater, where he is playing for an opera today.  He had an apple and a bottle of water.  
Yes.  Another successful day in Lakmann-land.

We are back.  I attempted to zoom in on my kids in the group pic.  What is it with pubescent boys and smiling?  That cute little boy in the front row is smiling so beautifully.  Then there is my son in the back....looking horribly constipated.  And this was AFTER I made a little bit of a scene and said (maybe yelled) "SAM! Seriously!  Smile like a normal person!!"  Who am I kidding?  My kid is wearing a blue and white striped shirt with a turquoise bow tie underneath a black and gray sweater.  Normal is not a word we actually use in this house.
Anyway, the recitals went well.  The duet was played very well by Mr. Sam.  Lexie was a little out of it.  Sam claims she "didn't put any effort into it at all!"
I ordered Jimmy Johns...because they are freaky fast, and take credit cards (since any time I have cash, my kids rid me of it within 1.3 minutes) and obviously my children were fading fast, and perhaps starvation was the culprit for Lexie's "lack of effort."  We had to do something to bring her back to life before recital number 2.  Believe me, you didn't want to be off your game for recital number 2!  Seriously...when you have a FIFTH GRADER who sits at the piano, and effortlessly seems to fart out the most amazingly musical, yet technically difficult piano piece right in front of your eyes...well, it takes your self worth down a few notches. (And I am referring to myself....the one with the music degree.)
One of my fellow teachers and I turned to each other and said "Well...time to go home and practice."
Luckily, feeding my children was a good idea.  (I suppose it is always a good idea...but it was extra good today.)
Lexie got up and kicked her solo's butt.  She even smiled afterwards.  This was a good sign.
We like it when she smiles.

Speaking of....I forgot to post a lovely picture of her smile from last week.
She dressed up like "Miranda Sings" for super star day during Homecoming Week.
the real Miranda Sings

If you don't know who that on the links below.  She is a hoot.  And Lex does a killer imitation of her.  
An example of one of her vlogs:  mirandasings
And my favorite video ever:  (with Sam Harris...remember him from the days of "Star Search?")
We have Miranda book-ends...with Rachel Berry in the middle.

My favorite part of this day ^^ actually came from my husband.
He is a band director at a different school, and ironically, one of his students showed up as Miranda Sings also.  Only it wasn't a dress up day there.  She just decided to be Miranda for the day.  And she stayed in full character.  All. Day. Long.  (I already love this girl, and don't even know her.  I DO know her parents though....and can see where she gets her hilarious personality from.)
What I wish I could have witnessed was her flute lesson.  
Yes...she was "Miranda" during her entire lesson.  Apparently, she had forgotten to come to her lesson, so Mark went to her classroom to hunt her down.  He said he knew instantly "who she was."  So, he walked in the classroom and said "Miranda, it's time for your lesson."  And it began.  
This girl is a freshman.  Seriously, if every freshman in high school could be that free....that unafraid of what anyone thought of them.  That willing to just put themselves out there and be whoever they want to be...even if it is just for a day.  Each time he comes home with another story about this girl, my heart swells a little bit more.  THIS is what being a kid is all about.  THIS is what high school SHOULD be like.  Having fun.  Being silly.  Finding out who you are.  This girl is DOING IT RIGHT!  And you know one is stopping her.  They all accept her for who she is...because she is just being HERSELF.  She isn't pretending to be someone else, or trying to fit into some mold.  She isn't trying to be in the "in crowd" or follow the latests trend.  She isn't shoving herself into a box.  She is coloring outside the lines.  She is carving her own path.  SHE IS LIVING!!
Kind of like "Miranda."  What started out as a dare has become a worldwide hit.  This girl, who is actually a fantastic singer and performer, has created this ridiculous alter-ego, made her a You-tube sensation, and is now literally traveling the world performing as Miranda Sings .  She just recently filmed an episode on Jerry Seinfeld's new show.  All because she wasn't afraid to put herself out there and think outside the box. you ever wonder if you could change things up in your life if you just colored outside of the lines a little?  You could even use those washable it wouldn't leave a permanent mark.  Just a little scribble.  It might be worth a try.  :)

I think the beginning of a new week might just be the PERFECT time for some new "art supplies."
How about trying out some new colors....and cutting any strings that are holding things together a little too tightly.  Sometimes it's good to let things spill out a bit.  When you let some things go, you just might find that your life suddenly begins to fit together much more effortlessly.

Time to start coloring!
Happy Monday! the way, in a rare turn of events, I actually REALLY enjoyed the piano recital!  I think my attention span has finally reached adult level!! ;)

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  1. Oh my goodness, I know the girl behind Miranda Sings! We were in college choir together. I hadn't realized just how famous she's become!