Sunday, October 5, 2014


I have to pee.  
I have an affinity for my own bathroom, and I have walked in there 3 times now, to no avail.  I keep forgetting that my daughter is in there curling her hair.  I have absolutely no problem peeing in front of her.  However, her boyfriend is sitting on the toilet.  (The lid is down, things aren't that out of hand around here.)  The poor boy has been in there for over an hour now.  But, he is as sweet as can be, and apparently my daughter has him wrapped around her finger, because there he patiently waits...on the toilet.
Tonight is Homecoming. (Okay...yes I wrote this last night) ;) I, for one have NEVER heard of a girl wanting her boyfriend to hang out with her while she gets all dolled up.  Then again, this is Lexie.  Someday I will come up with an adjective for her.  Maybe.  I doubt it.

And...the finished product

She just told me "See!  I won't have to have anyone do my hair for my wedding!"
Always thinking ahead.  When it comes to her hair, anyway.

Apparently, this "getting ready" thing is progressive.  As in "I am comparing it to a progressive dinner."  The hair happens here. Now they are off to location two for make-up.  (Yes, her boyfriend is a saint.)
I'm not sure if "costuming" happens at a third, undisclosed location....or if they just combine that with make-up.  I do know that there is another location for pictures.

Speaking of, I will miss them.....the picture taking event.  Both kids (my kids, that is) are going, and I will be at work when they leave, so I won't even see them all dressed up. 
My baby boy is going to his first high school dance, with a date (she is a senior....apparently all of that extra mama love paid off.  Who could resist this guy?) and I won't be there to see any of it.
Yes, I made him try on his fancy duds for me last night.

Luckily, the photo location is the home of my friends who are known for the picture taking there will be no shortage of photos to share.  But still.....I am going to pout.  All night. And maybe a little bit tomorrow too.

I recall my Homecomings of years past.  I think more than anything, I remember what I wore.  
One year, the long prairie skirt with lace peeking out underneath, topped off with a lovely sweater.  Or the year of the smashing pantsuit.
Homecoming 1988. Come was actually pretty cute.  And notice how skinny I was!!

 In other words, I wore fall appropriate, full coverage outfits.  
Not exactly the homecoming garb of today.  
Today, the go-to get-up is a sequenced tube-top, strategically placed hopes of covering up all of the "private" spots.  Oh, and a pair of stilettos.  Body type does not matter.  Because apparently EVERYONE looks good in a tube top! :)

Yep. It has happened.  I have officially crossed over to the land of the "Ladies who Lunch."
Thighs are not for my eyes.  Skirts to the knees, if you please.
I just came up with that.  
I might be 65.
Or 90.

I have accepted the fact that no matter how many times I say it, think it, scream it, write it, jump up and down it....I am not going to be able to single handedly get girls to realize that tighter and shorter is not better.  It is not sexy.  If it hurts to button it, and you can't breathe, that may be a tiny little sign that you are not meant for that garment.  Yes! By all means, embrace your body!  Love yourself for who you are!  Just PLEASE!!!  Wear clothes that FIT YOU....and are flattering on you! 

In other words, I am anxiously awaiting the flood of pictures after the hoopla tonight.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that one day, I will look on Facebook the morning after the big dance, and cry tears of joy when I see all of the beautiful teenaged girls, wearing their long prairie skirts, and their smashing pant suits!!  ;)

Until then, I guess I will just sit here.  Wearing mine. 

Just in!!  Photos from the big event!
Lexie and Isaac
Sam and Kayla
Mt personal and sister
and the whole ridiculous bunch.

Happy Sunday!

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