Friday, November 21, 2014

Pondering A Plan

You know those days where you are literally running from the time you wake up until you finally get home again...which is about the time you are ready to go back to sleep?
I just had one of those days.
It was a clear reminder of why I gave up that craziness. 
(Or at least attempted to?)
My poor car is overdue for an oil change, and I have put more miles on that darn thing over the past 4 days than I typically do in a month.
In other words...I AM WAY TOO BUSY.
This is why the "holiday season" has lost some of it's magic for me.
And that makes me sad.
Considering my line of work...the holidays are always my busiest time of year.
They aren't something I look forward to, necessarily, and they certainly never entail some "time off."
They definitely add some serious stress to my life....and that is something I have been trying really hard to reduce.
I always think that "this is the year I am going to get SO ahead of the game that I won't be trying to catch up at the last minute."
Who am I kidding?!
I still have the Christmas cards and photos I ordered from the last THREE years sitting in a drawer somewhere.
It is a small miracle that they ever were ordered at all....but obviously the whole "sending them out" part was never addressed.  (Just like those envelopes!) lol
While we are talking about my inability to get around to doing things, I suppose now might be a good time to admit something that is a little beyond ridiculous.
I still haven't ordered our wedding pictures.
Our 19th anniversary is next month.
And yes, they were paid for in advance.
I do have the book of it isn't like I have no "proof" (God, I am funny today...or not) that we were married....but still.
Oh, and yes, our photographer moved away (skipped town??) a few years ago.  
I have no idea where to....but I'm sure we will never see him again.
Honestly, I sometimes am amazed that I actually follow through on any project I begin.  Let's just say my enthusiasm begins to wane about 1/3 of the way into anything I start.  Life is really hard for me....(2/3rds of the time. ;)
So, this year, I am actually going to make an effort to get ahead of the game (as much as I possibly can, anyway) and see if there are some ways I can reduce some of the stress that typically accompanies the holidays.

Tomorrow is list day.  As in "make a list that outlines the big "Stress-free Holiday Plan."
I have decided that it is most imperative that I do some pre-list prep.  This is going to involve a lot of planning, and organization, so it is important that I am well conditioned to do the job.
In other words, I need to go drink some wine now, and ponder what I am about to get myself into.  I will call this "rehearsing Plan B."
If "Plan A" falls through....I will be well practiced with "Plan B" and shall resort to that whenever I feel that the stress is beginning to take over once again.

I can already tell that I am really going to like Plan B.
In fact, I would bet that perhaps some of you might just want to come over and join me on "Plan B" evenings.  (or afternoons.  I don't discriminate.  Plan B is welcome any time of day at my house.)
I am already feeling less stressed!!
And the best news of all?!  When you read will be FRIDAY!

Have a great day!

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