Monday, November 17, 2014

Things I Know

In case you were wondering, it is Revolution Day in Mexico.
I think we will declare it Revelation Day in blogger land.

On this blustery Monday, I will share with you some things that I know for sure.

1.  If I make brownies, I will eat them.  All.
And for some reason, no one else in my house seems to have noticed that there is a pan of ridiculously delicious, very thick, rather gooey, chocolate chip laden brownies sitting on top of the stove.  (I am sure it's because I covered them with aluminum foil.  It is like covering them with the cloak of invisibility.)
So much for my "I shall eat NO sugar" plan.

2.  No one in my family is capable of 100% accuracy when grocery matter how specific the list is that I send with them.
I can even text pictures of the items, and it's likely they will bring home the wrong thing.
In other is easier if I just do everything myself.

3.  I am pretty sure my house is haunted.
I know this sounds ridiculous...especially since it was built in 1998 (not exactly a "house with history.")  As far as I know, there have been no deaths or murders in this place (lovely thoughts for a Monday morning, eh?) but I'm pretty sure there are friendly spirits that linger here.
Perhaps we are sitting atop an ancient Indian burial ground or something.
All I know is that I see strange blurry somethings out of the corner of my eye quite often.  (Ok, it might just be my hair...but it seems like something else.)
And I hear weird things all the time....and we know I can't the fact that I AM hearing something, and it's weird, well, there you have it.
And these strange sounds are always occurring when I'm home alone...and they are definitely not dog we can't "pull a Mark" and blame the sounds on the dogs (like Mark does with certain "smells.")  Not very convincingly, however.

He's not going to comment.

Luckily, I feel no mean or scary-types flying it's all good.

4.  I can't find my calendar, so I have no idea what I'm supposed to do tomorrow.  (I know what I have to do from 5pm on...but during the day is anyone's guess.)  

5.  After spending the past 24 hours with my mom, I can say with confidence that she has moved into the "paranoid stage" of her disease.
It's really sad.  Do you remember that movie "Conspiracy Theory?"  That is now her reality.  She is convinced that bad things are happening all around her, and that she (we) are in constant danger.  During lunch today, before she could even settle down enough to eat, she had to tell me about how she overheard "those people" talking about how they were going to "kill people."  We have to constantly assure her that she is safe, and that she doesn't need to worry.  Then she will say "Oh good...ok" and be able to go on with whatever she was doing.  It is heartbreaking.  I can't imagine living in constant fear of whatever your mind conjures up.  It must be exhausting. She typically wakes up before 6 am, but today she slept until 10.  I suppose constantly worrying will wear a girl out. :(

6.  I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow.  In the freezing cold.  I can't think of anything I would like to do less.  
Go grocery shopping in a bikini.  That would be something I would like to do less.  Or not at all.  Ever.

7.  Sometimes, people surprise you with hugs, or words that feel like hugs, out of the blue.  
That happened to me a couple of times yesterday.
It was completely unexpected....and absolutely wonderful.
Try sending some love out to the universe today.
Even better....send some to someone specifically, and make their day.

8.  Mark just asked me if we could have some conductor or musician (or circus ring master?) that he is bringing to town in February stay at our house.
I told him, considering he has given me 3 months notice, that I could probably have the house presentable by then.
I guess I just figured out what I am doing tomorrow. 

Happy Monday!

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