Saturday, December 20, 2014

Puppies and Prozac

I believe I can name Friday, December 19th as my
official "holiday meltdown day."
You of those days when you wake up, teetering on the edge of sanity, just waiting for something to push you over.
By 9am, I was taking a nose dive.
Everything was making me weepy.
I would get a text, and rather than just take it at face value, I would analyze every word, and read way too much into it.
And start to weep again.
It was completely ridiculous.
So, I did what any inconsolable woman would do.
I went to Target.

I figured that I might be more motivated to file those piles of music that have been cluttering up my house for the past month if I bought some cute little file boxes to put them in.
Not that I like cute office supplies or anything.

I got a start on it....but I am far from finished.  
Cute boxes though, right?
I now need to figure out where to store the cute boxes once I get them all filled.
As you can see, my music cabinet is almost at capacity.

What I really need is Sam's room.
I don't understand why the kid is being so selfish, and keeping it all to himself, rather than letting his poor mother have it, so I can finally have a cool office.
Anyway, I spent a good hour moping around Target, looking at lots of things I didn't need.  I'm kicking myself for not picking up some fun snacks.  I would be enjoying them right about now had I been thinking straight.
The only thing I have here to snack on is a bag of cough drops. 
After my shopping ordeal, I came home and decided to start getting some Christmas cards/letters ready to send out.
(They finally arrived yesterday from the print shop.)
I got the first batch addressed and stamped...all I needed was those cute return address labels I had ordered last year, but never used.
Here is some advice I would like to share.
If you ever decide to turn your little office into a second laundry room....and in the process, empty out the desk that was in there to give to your daughter, make sure to keep track of all of the drawer contents.
There really is nothing quite as frustrating as knowing exactly where something is located....and going to get it...only to realize that that piece of furniture is no longer there.
I spent the next 45 minutes searching every logical (and illogical) place I could have possibly put the darn no avail.
I am sure I will find them 5 minutes after the last card is sent out.
I had to run to a rehearsal (after my fruitless search) and on my way back home, I decided to try to find the UPS building in the industrial park, so I could drop off a pair of boots I needed to return.  I drove in circles for awhile, and finally located the darn place.  (The industrial park is a strange and confusing area.  And not very aesthetically pleasing.)  I was so happy I wouldn't have to schlep all the way downtown to send this package out.  However, once I made it to the door, I realized the hours of operation that were posted.  10-11:30 am.  4:30-6pm.  It was 2:00.
Wow.  Very accommodating. Ugh.
So, I drove around and found the "drop box."
Which told me my package was too large.
(My husband likes me to tell him that too.  And that is the only humor you are getting from me today.) ;)
I still have those damn boots in my car.
I was still feeling blue, and now I was also feeling tired.
I decided a nap was in order.
I got home, changed into comfy clothes, and set my alarm.
I had just hoisted the dogs up onto the bed, when my phone rang.
"Mom...can you pick us up at school?"
I will not share my reply with you....because it does not fall within my PG rating parameters.
I will say that I was not thrilled.
The kids had told me they were going to a theater party thing of some sort after school.  I was SO looking forward to an hour of quiet.
So much for that.
I got the dogs in the car, and we headed out.
(We cried some "I feel sorry for myself" tears on the way.)
Cooper was sitting in the passenger seat.  He is having the same metabolism problems I have been dealing with. (aka: we are both getting fat.)
The seat belt sensor kept beeping, because he was heavy enough to register as a person sitting on the seat.
I buckled Mr. Chunky in, and all was well.
Luckily, the day was salvaged by an evening music rehearsal with a girlfriend.  We did some singing, and lots of talking.
Now, I have a quiet house, a chilled bottle of wine in the fridge, and lots of shows on my DVR to choose from.
I think we might even get a Christmas tree tomorrow.

Mark said he is going to do some shopping I think I will put this on my list.

If anything can take away the winter blues...I am thinking this little guy can.
A puppy with a side of prozac.
That would be the Christmas of my dreams! 

I won't hold my breath.
But....I WILL strive for a better day tomorrow.
(And there is an extra bottle of wine....if it comes to that.)

Have a super Saturday!

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