Sunday, January 18, 2015

Stage Mom

I have decided that it isn't a bad thing to live vicariously through your kids.
Especially when they are doing things that make you so proud of them.
I should maybe start by admitting I am officially a "show choir mom."
I wonder if they will ever make a reality show about this.
I mean, they have "Toddlers and Tiaras" why wouldn't they have 
"Show Choir Monsters?"
I would totally watch it.
There was a time when I stated that:
1. My kids would never be in show choir.
2. I would never be "one of those moms."

And look at me now!! ;)

Here is the deal.  I never knew my kids would love it so much.
Nor did I know that they would be so good at it.
I remember when they were little, I said to Mark "what are we going to do if these kids are tone deaf? Or if they have no sense of rhythm?"  "What happens if we end up with a couple of jocks?"
He just looked at me and shrugged.
We quickly realized that we didn't have to worry about Lexie.
At age two, she would be playing nearby as I gave voice lessons at our house.  (I typically taught high school students.)
When I would teach them new warm-ups, it would sometimes take them a few times through to sing it correctly.
If they screwed it up more than 2-3 times, Lexie (age 2 at the time) would come over to the piano, and say (in her very matter of fact, way too adult...yet hilarious 2 year old voice) NO! It goes wike dis! And then she would proceed to sing it for them...flawlessly...every time.

She was quite the character.

Sam never showed any interest for singing.  However, rhythm was his life.
From the time he could hold himself up, he would bounce like a mad man.
When he was little, we would have dance marathons every single night.
I think we wore out our Michael Jackson and Ricky Martin CD's.
He would dance until he was dripping with sweat.
And the kid had moves!!
When he was in preschool, he started beat boxing.
He, of course, had no idea what beat boxing was...but he was really good at it.
I remember when we were at this pizza place that had video games, and other annoying things that distracted kids.
He came over, spitting out a funky beat, while he said: (again, in 4 year old talk.)
"I meed some money...(bah ba duh) poor my bideo game (pah pa du ba da)"'s really hard to convey a funky beat with syllables.
Just know, it was clever, funky, and very funny.

They were such cuties.

Anyway, when 6th grade rolled around, my husband (a band director) asked Sam what instrument he was going to choose.
Sam looked at him like he was mentally challenged, and said;
"Why on EARTH would I ever want to be in band??"
I should mention that there was no sarcasm when he said that.
He was dead serious.
He joined the orchestra instead.

All of the sudden, these two little cherubs are in high school...and my little pudgy girl who would trip over her own feet when dancing in the living room is now this beautiful, dynamic performer...who can dance and sing like nobody's business.

Whenever she is on stage, I can't take my eyes off her...and it's not just because she is my kid.
(And thank you God for giving me a kid with talent.  I'm not quite sure what I would have done had my child been a kid who really loved all of this stuff...but really was tone deaf, and super clumsy and awkward.
That would have been rough on both of us. 
And then there is my son.
My introverted, "I don't sing or dance" son who prefers to hang out in his room ALL DAY LONG and read or draw or play video games.
The kid who has a couple of good friends he will do things with every once in awhile, but really just is happy being alone.
The boy who I never thought would come out of his shell.
And now....he is right up on that stage next to his sister...singing and dancing his little heart out.
And on top of that...he even joined the drama club.
Who is this child??
As far as me living vicariously through them....
After they performed at this weekend's invitational, their whole show choir was on stage, dancing around and just having fun while the scores were being tabulated.
I sat in the bleachers, and just watched them.
I honestly had to fight back tears.
It was an odd sensation, because I was sitting in the middle of a gym packed with screaming teenagers, with music being cranked through huge speakers, and everyone is wild and dancing....yet I want to cry.
Not because I am sad...but because I am watching my kids, and they are both so obviously filled with so much joy.
Sam was in the back with a bunch of the other guys, dancing and goofing around.
Lexie was right in the front of the stage, one of the leaders...looking, quite frankly, way too grown up and sexy in her flashy hot pink show choir dress.
But that doesn't really bother me...because I am happy for her.
I am happy that she is beautiful, and able to feel so confident and express herself with such freedom and ease.
She never for a second looks self conscious or unsure of herself. (Which is how I would have felt...because I have never possessed her self esteem.) 
She just looks happy.
And so does Sam.
And isn't that all we really want for our kids?
To be able to enjoy life, and to be happy?
So, yes, for those moments, I did live vicariously through them...and for those moments, I too, felt genuine bliss.
 I had something more precious than anything money could ever buy....
My very heart was standing up there on that stage,
and knowing that those two kids have joy, friendship, music, and love in their lives makes my life complete.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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