Saturday, February 7, 2015


I did something pretty crazy yesterday.
I wore make-up.
AND I fixed my hair.
Yes, I have been riding the "I really don't give two $hits what I look like" bus for quite some time now.

I mean, I will put on clothes that are not pj's or sweat pants for two occasions:
1. Church.
2. To teach at the studio.
(I only do this at the studio because it's a policy. If it wasn't...forget it.  I'd totally be wearing sweat pants.)
I find that I go through stages.
Every once in awhile, I will actually care about what I look like.
Usually, it will coincide with a job where my self esteem and confidence are aided by my appearance.
For instance, when I was teaching, I cared more about my appearance when working with high school kids than I did when I worked with elementary students.
The little kids chose to like me based on my personality, and whether or not I was nice and/or fun.  They really didn't care if I was hip.
However, the high school kids were not going to even give me a chance if I dressed like a dork.
Sometimes, my desire to look nice was based on how I felt, rather than what I was doing.
I have gone through stages of actually caring what I looked like, and putting forth the effort into doing my hair AND make-up...AND wearing cute clothes everyday...just because I wanted to!
I have absolutely NO idea why in the world I had the desire to do that...but I did.
I'm guessing it was because it made me feel good...and that was what I needed at the time.
Sometimes a girl just needs a little attention. 
I will tell you this:
If you get on a roll (like I currently am) and choose to live in pajama pants and tank tops, and go sans make-up 361 days a WILL get some attention on those four days of the year that you DO wear make-up and put some effort into your appearance.
That is the nice thing about looking like a bum 98% of the time.
People really notice when you put in some effort during that other 2% of the time.  
I really believe this is true, because I had several people come up to me yesterday and say "Hey! You look really good!  I love your hair!"
(Translation: "Holy crap! You aren't wearing those gray sweat pants today! And I can tell that you even brushed your hair after you washed it this time!)
All I could think was "well, yes, this is what happens when I actually blow dry it,  and style it.  And wearing make-up helps hide those huge bags under my eyes....and I guess anything is more attractive than my pj THANKS!"

I will be honest with you.
The reason that I don't wear make-up very often anymore is two-fold.
1. I really like the freedom to rub my eyes if they are itchy or tired.
2. I hate having to wash the stuff off at night.

I can NOT sleep with that crap on my face.  I have never gone to bed with my make-up still on. EVER.
I am proud (maybe proud is the wrong word) to say that no matter the condition I have come home in (and I am not proud of every condition that I have ever come home in) I have never skipped the "wash the make-up off my face" routine.  
I wish I could say that about exercise.
Or bill paying.
Or housecleaning.
Or pretty much everything else in my life. 
My epitaph shall read:
'She was a lazy ass, and procrastinated in every area of her life, but dammit....she ALWAYS washed her make-up off!'

What a legacy I will leave behind.
I am going to go off-topic for a moment to share something with you.
As I sit at my desk and type this, I can hear the sounds of some very aggressive snoring taking place....the source of which I'm not quite sure.
There are two dogs sleeping on the couch, about 10 feet away from me...and one husband sleeping in the bedroom, also 10 feet away, in the other direction.
I am trying to determine which would be more disturbing....if it's coming from the human or the dogs.
I think I will go with the human.
Considering the volume and unattractiveness of this snoring....I would much prefer it come from the canines.  They would at least be cute and funny, though thoroughly obnoxious.

Here is the culprit.
Snoring...and apparently dreaming.
The men in this house.  
It's just constant drama around here.

Speaking of drama...I need to ponder whether or not to get crazy and make myself presentable TWO days in a row.
I do have church and a show today.
Maybe I can get away with just a quick hair style and some lipstick.
If I start raising the bar...people are going to expect me to keep this craziness up.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
I'm still in hibernation mode until at least the beginning of May.

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