Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just Start

This pretty much describes my state of mind yesterday.
Well...my whole state of being, I guess.
First of all....I couldn't get out of bed.
Well, I could....but I really didn't want to.
I finally forced myself to.
Actually, I just grabbed both dogs, moved them to the couch, and joined them there.
Well...it was out of bed.
Baby steps, remember.

For me, the biggest battle is always starting.
It always has been.
Once I get started, I'm usually good to go.
Funny how I have never had a hard time getting started when it comes to things like eating chocolate chip cookies.
With things like that, my issue is stopping.
There must be some mind altering therapy out there that could help switch the two around, wouldn't you think?
I wouldn't mind being the one to come up with that therapy.
I could make millions!  
And just think how productive and fit everyone would be!! 
I will get to work on that.
I have figured out how to save money and cut calories however.
1. Let the kids take your car to school so you can't leave the house and go shopping.
2. Make sure you don't have any groceries before you send your car off with the kids...so there is nothing naughty and delicious to eat in the house.
(Or much of anything at all, really.)

Maybe I should market this plan.
Now.  Back to figuring out how to charge up my lethargic batteries and figure out how to get my "start" button working again!


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