Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sleeping in the Sun

I need a vacation.
It's not like I have been working myself to the bone or anything.
I have a much more manageable and stress free schedule than most.
However, I am just so tired.
All the time.
I want to sleep all day.....every day.
~ much as I enjoy sleeping, I would prefer feeling like doing something else all day long.
Like.....oh, I don't know, being productive.
Yes.  I would definitely prefer that.

I really do try to wake up with determination.
And sometimes it actually works.
This is why I am thinking a vacation may be in order.

Obviously, some time in a tropical location would be ideal.
I think a week (or six) in Hawaii might be just the thing to pull me out of my winter funk, replenish my vitamin D supply (I am always deficient in that darn vitamin D) and give me some R&R time to refuel enough to face the rest of the winter.
This, of course, is a pipe dream.
The best I could possibly hope for is a few days in a row of no obligations.
I am still trying to figure out how to make that happen.
I may have to wait for spring break.
Or summer.

In other news, I ordered a cute little filing cabinet thing yesterday.
You may recall that I have been looking for one for quite awhile.  
My desk has become quite the catch-all for files and papers and such, so some sort of filing system was needed.
I have been looking around for just the right piece.  Something functional, yet cute and sassy.
I wasn't having much luck, but finally decided to go with one that I had been looking at for a few weeks online.

It was available in my favorite turquoise, as well as "shell," gray, and red.
I, however, chose a rather obnoxious yellow.  Obviously, the least popular color, as it was 40% off (the others were 10% off).
Being a cheap skate, and considering the fact that my desk chair is covered with a cute yellow and aqua polka dot fabric...I decided to go for the least expensive option.  Who might actually look cute.
I will probably wish I got the white one...but eh, story of my life.
Speaking on:
In typical Lakmann-land form, an e-mail comes in today from CB2 with the CUTEST little desk and file cabinet, both on casters...and available in great colors that totally coordinate with my house.
This ALWAYS happens.
Mark wants Valentine's and Birthday ideas....
I think I just found them.
I may have to get this adorable little set....and use it down in my craft room for now....until we are in the dream cottage.
(When will that be, you ask?)
Well, when my dreams come true, of course!!

Here is a pic of the desk (aka: industrial cart!) with three of the filing cabinets under it. (I only want one....) Not my typical style....but I am in LOVE!

Won't this be perfect in my (eventual) "simplified" home?

I am sure he will be THRILLED when I tell him that my list consists of 

Actually, he might be happy.  Last week, my list included one item.

He was not thrilled.

Happy Thursday.

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