Friday, February 20, 2015

Party Animal

Today is the first day of my 43rd year.
I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.
I'm happy that I'm still on the low side of the 40's....but the number certainly keeps creeping up...and each year is passing by faster and faster.
Turning 39 was definitely the most difficult thus far.  I don't think I will have any other "age meltdowns" as I pass through the years.
I have pretty much accepted the fact that middle age has arrived, and I will now just live vicariously through my young and beautiful children.
I'm not sure if they are on board with that...but no matter.
They don't get a vote on this subject.
I usually view my birthday a lot like I do New Years Day.
I like to set some goals, make some know, plot how I'm going to make "this year the best yet!!"
Well, I haven't really put any thought into this year's plan yet, other than the fact that I would really like to be NOT fat by summer.
So, I guess that's my goal.
I will start that tomorrow.
I should probably start buttering my husband up for a new baby too.
It will most likely take a couple of years to talk him into it's good to start well in advance.
I have gathered some photos of what I would really hope our next baby will look like.'s good to plan ahead.
I will share some with you.

In a perfect world, I would wake up to one of these sweet faces....but, I can guarantee that the likelihood of that is an absolute 0%.
I should also probably start saving up for one of these little guys, since it's going to cost a fortune to find/get a French Bulldog in this area.
A girl can dream. :)
What I am most looking forward to today is my birthday slide show.
A few years ago, Sam started making me slideshows instead of cards for birthdays/mother's day, etc.
(He said making cards takes waaaay too long.  Can you feel the love?)
Anyway, his slideshows are typically quite hilarious.  He is pretty computer savvy, and he finds great graphics to go along with whatever witty jargon he comes up with.  He may be lazy (i.e.: the card making) but he sure is creative.
Another highlight is the fact that my husband actually has the day I get to dictate an entire day's activities...and he is usually quite accommodating. If we are out shopping or whatever, and I ask if I can buy something/do something, his typical response is "It's your day! Of course!"
It is best for a girl to take advantage of these opportunities when they come along.  It's not as though he ever forbids me to buy/do something...but he has been known to throw a little "buyer's guilt" my way.  I am sure he is not the only husband out there who has ruined a good shopping excursion with his utter lack of enthusiasm!

And so, I am going to enjoy an entire day of zero responsibility, and pretend that everything I eat contains zero calories.
And while I'm at it...if I happen across a pretty little trinket that I just can't live without, I may just pretend it cost me zero dollars.
Because, heck, don't we all deserve one day out of the year to have a little fun?!

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