Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Plans Schplans....& Some Unexpected Love

Monday was my one day this week that is not completely filled with things to do.
SO, I decided I would create a 
Valentine's Day...Part 2.....
since the Part 1 never really happened.
I hadn't even had time to go out and get Mark a card, much less do anything 
Valentine-y for him.
So, I went to target, and bought some very cheesy, yet cute, placemats and heart plates, along with boxes of chocolates, bottles of wine as well as other beverages he will enjoy.
By the way, I highly suggest celebrating after the actual holiday, as all of these items (sans the alcohol) were 50% off. :)
Then, I headed to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for beef stroganoff (his favorite.)
I could have perhaps, found the ingredients at Target...but I still can't wrap my head around the idea of Target being a "grocery store."
Sure, I'll by packaged food there....but I am still not convinced that their meat and produce are real.  Of course....who knows where the grocery store gets their meat?
A topic for another day.
Once at home, I spent a good 30 minutes attempting to get the fricking price tags off the placemats and plates.
Now seriously....WHY DO THEY PUT THEM ON THE FRONT?!!!
I soaked them in hot water....I used an old credit card to try to scrape the sticky stuff off....IT TOOK FOREVER.
Finally...I managed to set a table fit for a bunch of 3 year olds.

I am pretty sure these placemats WERE made for 3 year olds.

I finally got the stroganoff prepped and cooking...the kitchen cleaned, and everything put away.
And then my daughter texted me to let me know she was going out for appetizers with her friend at 7.
(Right when we would be having dinner.)
Obviously, we had not communicated our plans with each other prior to this moment.

Then, my husband sent a text.
"This is the only night I am going to have this week to shop for your birthday. Do you want me to stop home before I head out?"

Yes dear.  Do stop home.
During his brief stay before running out again, we discussed the rest of the week.
My plan for tonight was to have a nice dinner, and then sit back and relax while we watched the SNL 40th anniversary show I had recorded.

His reply: "Don't you need to get those rehearsal CD's made for the choir?"
Me: Yes....that is why we don't have rehearsal on Thursday...so we can record them.
Him: "I can't.  I have to be at Viterbo from 7-10."

Me: What?!!?!?! You were RIGHT THERE when I said we would be recording the CD's next Thursday, so there wouldn't be choir practice, and you NEVER said you weren't able to do that!

Him: "Huh...I guess that never registered."

So...instead of a nice family meal, followed by a night of relaxing by the fire,
we will be scarfing down dinner (at least the two of us will be...Sam won't eat it, and Lexie will be gone.) 
And then, we will spend the next 3-4 hours making practice recordings for all the parts of every song my choir is working on for Lent/Easter.
While I am waiting for him to return home...I have been watching this video over and over....and crying each time.
(And laughing....because the part when the camera pans down a few moments in is HILARIOUS)
You should probably watch it and see.

Probably because I can soooo relate.
Happy Tuesday!

I have a little add on I need to mention.
(Dinner was a big hit, by the way....and I even managed to serve it before Lexie left. )
I was talking with her a little bit this afternoon....after noticing something has been a little "off" the past few days.
For Valentine's Day, she made her boyfriend the sweetest gift.  She bought an oval piece of wood, and made a perfect heart out of nails (I have no idea how she did that)  Then she used different shades of red thread to "weave" a cool pattern within the heart.
Anyway...she spent a lot of time on it. 
When I asked what he got her, her reply was "nothing."
He didn't even make her a card.
(They have been dating for a year and 1/2.)
She acted like it was no big deal....but I had to believe she was really hurt.
I know her dad and I were upset, after all of the effort she put into doing something nice for him.
Apparently he has decided they are "on a break."
The only reason I even bring this is up is because I have witnessed something pretty special in the past two days.
Yesterday, one of her friends stopped by with a coffee and a rose for her.
Today, another girlfriend came over, with a big bag full of Valentine treats.
Tonight, she is out with another friend, getting crepes and having a girls night.
You always hear stories about "mean girls" in middle and high school.
I love that I have been witnessing the very opposite.
My daughter has been going through a rough patch, and where this boy let her down, her friends have rallied and picked her back up.
It is the sweetest thing ever...and I'm so glad she is surrounded by such wonderful girls, who have her back, care about her, and want to comfort her when she is hurting.
I hope my daughter returns the favor....and is there for them like they have been for her.
There is nothing worse than seeing your child hurt...whether it is physical pain, or watching them work through emotional pain.
As parents, all we want to do is protect them from anything that can hurt them...but of course, that is impossible.
It is nice to know that when you aren't able to be the one to comfort your child, and make everything better, that there are other people out there who care enough to take on that responsibility, and wrap her in the safety and love of their friendship.
They also have some pretty special moms, who drove them all the way over here to deliver their packages.
I feel very blessed to be part of such a great community, and am so grateful that my kids are surrounded by people who care about them.
My heart grew a little bigger today.

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