Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sugar High

So here is the deal:
It's 15 minutes past my bedtime.
I still haven't gotten a Valentine for my Valentine.
(Is it even worth it now?)
I think I will make him a card, and buy him some beer while he is at rehearsal this afternoon.  That should do it.
We spent the entire day (Saturday) in show choir land.
Well, actually, I first took Lexie to her WSMA honors choir audition 
(she rocked it)
and then we went to show choir land, where she sang in the solo competition
(she rocked it again.)
and THEN the show choir performed...and they went up against some tough competition.
Best band
Best Vocals
Best Choreography 

(Sorry...proud mama moment.)

Click here ^^^to watch her solo...:)

And....I have a whole 9 seconds of Sam rockin' out as well!
My stupid phone ran out of storage as I was recording (of course!!)
which was such a bummer, because he was hamming it up like nobody's business!!

And after all that excitement, I came home and frosted my ridiculous pile of cookies that I made Friday night...because I need a little more sugar in my life.
I do think that I may have a future in cute little sweet treat gifts, however.

(The brown hearts on the bottom are brownies, by the way.)
You just let me know if you want to be my Valentine next year.
If nothing else, you will be good and sugared up by the end of the day!
And with that....I'm going to shove one more chocolate covered strawberry in my mouth (because it IS fruit!) and go to bed!

Have a great Sunday!

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